Laughter prolongs life

By Admin | Health Recipes
02 May 2016
According to the latest good laugh equate to a whole glass of sour cream.Rather favor laughter brought by our body.Such parallel conducted not long ago in the West, however, does not explain how these compared completely different, in fact, things: cream and laughter.If everything is clear with sour cream, then laugh about having some issues.
But should immediately mention that not every laugh or smile are equally useful.For example, a sardonic smile more harmful than what any good, because it is inherent in the people suffering from tetanus.And this is a very dangerous disease.And the laughter in people suffering from them, arises from the surge of mimic muscles of the face.But do not talk about it.
According to many experts, a good laugh, and if you do not extend your life, then at least bring visible benefits to your health.Practice shows that a number of studies, an optimist, are not only less likely to be infected, but is recovering much faster.But when stressful situations are more
resistant to it than a pessimist.And in heated debates, not only a good joke to defuse the situation in the room, but can negate the very reason for the dispute.
Stress is considered to be the lot of people, "middle" age, but it is a profound mistake.He was exposed to all equally, regardless of age and social status.Direct confirmation of the so-called "golden youth", which often seeks the help of a therapist.And indeed the situation surrounding us often only contributes to its occurrence.
A number of surveys carried out, the optimists have observed significantly better than negative people.Namely, the content of lymphocytes in the blood was higher blood circulation was more stable, produces endorphins, a substance capable of blocking pain.
himself laughing is not the guarantor of excellent health with you, but it is an integral part of the group of factors that can prolong life.And do not treat him scornfully, because not all understandable our mind.For example, the power of prayer!
It is to this view came from the United States, scientists who conducted this simple study in a hospital in Kansas.They offered a group of volunteers to pray for the sick.The study revealed a significant decrease in postoperative complications in patients, namely 11%.The psychological effect here is completely excluded, since the patients were not even aware about the ongoing prayers.
It is evident that not everyone is able to explain the official science, as if she did not want to!