What kind of nuts are the most useful?

By Admin | Health Recipes
01 May 2016
all nuts, without exception, are helpful to our body.The only difference is which one is better to eat at some point in their lives.And it will help you to understand the necessary information.
Walnut. For us, this is probably the best known form of a nut, and the most accessible due to its growth in our latitudes.In its composition, it contains plenty of nutrients and trace elements.Namely, quinones, iodine, vitamin C (according to the research it contains even more than in citrus fruits, but only immature fruits), phosphorus, iron, magnesium, vitamin B group, etc.Magnesium promotes vasodilatation and potassium displays the excess fluid from the body.The content of fat in walnuts is also quite high, so it is not recommended for dieters.But for men, it is the contrary a very useful product, as has a beneficial effect on potency.It is recommended to eat daily for a few pieces.
From walnut walls make special potions that can lower blood sugar levels.They are often recommended for children
who have a high activity.They are able to have a calming effect on the nervous system.Yes, and all children are equally useful.Contained fatty acids, protein, no cholesterol, have a beneficial effect on the entire body of the child, as well as enhance it.
Hazelnut. These hazelnuts are often advised to eat as the prevention of gastric diseases.They also help eliminate kidney stones, rheumatism, anemia, cardiovascular diseases.And the fat content in it is the highest - 70%.Furthermore fats it contains fatty acids, proteins and carbohydrates.Eliminates putrefaction in the intestines, and enhances immunity.
Pine nuts. They are very high copper content, and it contributes to the appearance of blood cells in the body.The pine nuts high content of the following vitamins: B, E - which directly affects the endocrine system, and also contains iodine.They do not contain cholesterol, and, conversely, high content of proteins, carbohydrates, fatty acids, as they are known to be very beneficial.
Peanuts. It contains antioxidants, which play an important role in maintaining the immune system.Well its use in food as a preventive measure of cancer and cardiovascular disease.Fried much more useful.Prevents the formation of excess cholesterol in the blood.It contains little vegetable that has a high nutritional value (100 grams to 550 kcal).Includes in its composition vitamins: A, B1, B2, and many others.
Almonds. Monozhiry contained therein in an amount sufficient play an important role in the prevention of heart disease.It cleans the body, good for vision, as well as the general state of the organism.Occasionally, it is used as a laxative.Able to provide an analgesic effect on headaches and otitis.It regulates blood sugar.
Pistachio. They can be recommended for large physical or mental energy costs, since they tend to raise alertness.Favorably affect the entire cardiovascular system.They contain antioxidants that can prolong the youth.Improves liver and pistachio oil is used to fight with freckles.The content is so high in fiber, which equates to oatmeal.
Seeds. Ironically, sunflower seeds are also useful for our body and they are recommended to eat.However, not fried, because fried seeds lose some of its beneficial trace elements.In a high content of vitamin D and amino acids.They are advised to eat in diseases of the biliary tract and liver.They also improve the skin of the body.