How to get rid of nightmares?

By Admin | Health Recipes
01 May 2016
In the dream, we often act as themselves, but how to watch the action from the sidelines.And well, if it's quiet and you sleep on a neutral sense and does not bear any psychological burden.But at times there is different, where we become a party to a semblance of a horror movie!The most unpleasant nightmares, it's not just lack of sleep, and as a consequence of the sluggish state of the next day, but the fact that we are experiencing fear in his sleep directly affects our health.And it can greatly impair his, especially the nervous system.
So how to get rid of nightmares?Experts identify two methods of exposure: direct and indirect ways.
Here typical indirect ways:
- Proper preparation for sleep.However, this method is more suitable as an additional method.
- The second method is to try to understand his psychology.Namely, what could have caused these nightmares.Often they cause are transferred once strong emotional shock, fear than that, etc.Find your spare time, an
d take a sheet and a pen.And write down on a sheet of all possible causes that could provoke you have these dreams.
Direct methods:
- The first and most important thing you need to do - is determined to do themselves to overcome the cause of nightmares.You do not have to doubt its firmness and should be able to think about this decision during sleep.
But how?And what weapons you have against your opponent?
Try to wake up in itself all the anger accumulated, and throw him in a dream.And remember that your opponent is only a dream, and there was nothing he could do to you!
- This method nezauryaden few, but effective.Try to "make friends" with your opponent, look, it is up to you and unbind.
- Try not to be frightened in a dream, but rather to notice the absurdity and laugh at them.In this case, a nightmare gradually fade.
Use any of these methods, or in combination.Also, you can independently on the basis of their work out his method, to deal with a nightmare.And most importantly Understand that this is just "your" dream!