The bubbles on the eyelids

By Admin | Health Recipes
01 May 2016
It would seem, than can interfere with such a trifle as the bubbles on the eyelids of their owners.But do not underestimate them, even though they are unable to bring direct harm to your health, but their constant presence on the eyelids can cause a sharp irritation and even get to ask for help from a doctor.Of course, over time they lost themselves.
But it is better to know the reasons for which they may have to appear.Most often they are due to HSV infection, improper operation or eye sweat glands.Let us consider in detail all the reasons leading to their appearance:
- herpetic disease.The immediate culprit of this disease is a herpes virus.Provoke the very appearance of bubbles on the eyelid can the common cold.At first, they look like little bubbles in the presence of liquid, but after a couple of days, three of them there is only the crust.A person may feel a tingling and burning in the eyelids, in rare cases, the temperature increase.As a rule no serious consequences of the diseas
e leaves.Doctors are advised to apply for the treatment of herpetic disease ointments, such florenalinovuyu, oksolinovuyu, teobrofenovuyu.Possible recurrence of the disease, and repeatedly.In order to prevent advised to avoid hypothermia.
- Malfunction eye sweat gland, and it is called a cyst of Moll.She also appears on the skin of the eyelids, but unlike herpes infection does not cause any pain.Bubbles appear transparent to light, and eventually themselves tested.Sometimes advised to apply for the treatment of moist warm compresses, and after a little massage ever.Occasionally allowed surgery.Gently pierce the bubbles, the procedure carries an ophthalmologist.Tend to reappear.
- Sometimes, though rarely enough that the bubbles appear due to bad makeup.This is an allergic reaction, and if you change the make-up, they will be gone quickly.But to establish the exact cause contact your eye doctor, he will not only find out the cause of their appearance, but also advise how to get rid of them.
But do not try to get rid of them yourself, it is fraught with disastrous consequences for your health!