How quickly sober up?

By Admin | Health Recipes
01 May 2016
Problems with alcohol visited almost every one of us.And even if you do not drink alcohol, you probably had to help sober friends in unusual situations.And this is not easy, and requires greater effort.
But there are some methods that can greatly simplify the matter.Here are some of them.
greatly complicates the process that alcohol is caught in our body, moves into the blood in just 30 seconds.And when it is in the blood, it is almost impossible to sobriety.Still, there are a couple of proven ways.
To begin, try to determine their own degree of intoxication.In the event that you are no longer in control of themselves and are unable to adequately assess the environmental situation, you have to one way is to clean your stomach.How to do it?Yes, quite simply, it is necessary with a couple of fingers to stick in the mouth pressure on the base of the tongue, and will be followed by a natural emetic response.Of course, the preliminary inspection and make sure no one is around.This proc
edure is done only in the toilet, or around the corner on the street.After it you will feel much better.
then you should drink up to a liter of liquid.This can be water with soda water with askorbinku, in extreme cases a simple mineral water.This is done in order to avoid total dehydration and restore the lost power.Then you need to take a cold shower, the better with his head.From this effect will increase significantly.Initially you will be difficult under the cold water, so we should start with a warm shower and gradually bring to the cold.You otrezveete quickly, regardless of the level of intoxication.
After all this, do you mind must be clarified and smooth gait.To consolidate the effect of a cup of coffee, but without sugar.Remember that any product containing in its composition the effect of glucose can cause fermentation in the stomach, which can lead to some intoxication.But this method is dangerous for the heart, and should be used only in extreme cases.
best to take care of yourself in the companies at the table, and then you, none of these methods are not useful.