What not to eat while breastfeeding?

By Admin | Health Recipes
01 May 2016
All women know that breast milk is invaluable for an infant.No artificial nutritional composition for children can not be compared with him on the benefits brought by the baby.But another question arises, what should eat the most young mother to inadvertently cause an allergic reaction in a child, because she had eaten foods.
The answer is simple, there should be everything, but it should not go to any extreme.In the first three weeks of life, it is desirable to comply with certain artless diet.That is, you can not eat fried, fatty, honey, condensed milk, chocolate and some other products.This is done in order not to harm the stomach of the child, which can be up to three weeks of age respond poorly to these products.After that age, it is used all the products that feed during pregnancy.The only condition is the observance of seasons.For example, in May, should not eat melons and tomatoes in winter.And of course, observe moderation in eating.
course, she eats the food my mother is not ab
le to directly harm the baby, but her reaction to the mother's body can damage it.For example, if you know that after you have seen peas bloating, you should not eat peas as food during feeding.If you recommend the most wanted to eat or a new product, it is better to do it in the morning and throughout the day to observe the reaction of the baby.If all goes well, it can be used regularly, if your child has abdominal cramps, then they must be held in the evening and the product must be discarded.
In the case where a child does not occur an allergic reaction to foods eaten her mother, then you can move on to your normal diet.If an allergic reaction is present, you should avoid those foods that cause it to the end of lactation.
What is recommended to eat a young mother?
accepted that any nursing mother is obliged to include in your diet milk-based products.It is necessary for the regular replenishment of calcium in the body of the mother, and not as some mistakenly believe that milk fat is necessary for mother's milk.If your child has an allergic reaction to some of them, they must be replaced.For example, yogurt, instead it should have yogurt or cheese.
three times during the day to eat bread, cereal or pasta.They serve as a supplier to the body of B vitamins, and they are vital and mother and child.Please be aware that the pasta should be consumed without any additives and sharp sauces and porridge to the mandatory extension to serve vegetables, whether cooked or uncooked.
to support the figure is recommended daily to eat meat or fish, as much as possible with vegetable garnish.Eggs should not be eaten more than three times a week, no matter how they are cooked.
But the fruit should be on the table nursing mom constantly, and they need to have at least six times a day.They are rich in vitamin C, which is also necessary for the organism.Depending on the time of year to be there and canned and fresh.Fresh, of course, useful.
water you need to drink only when you want to.Forced to force myself not to be, it does not affect the quality of your milk.
What's not recommended to eat while breastfeeding?
from conventional food should not be used in food only those for which a child there was a negative reaction.For example, children often respond poorly to citrus fruit, in which case they are excluded from the diet completely, or at least one month.
But regardless of the child's reactions, in any time you can not eat the following products: all kinds of alcohol, strong tea, coffee, foods containing preservatives and flavors, spicy seasonings and sauces, products of dubious quality,cakes and pastries, fatty foods and sugary sodas.
It is desirable to have a limited number of cucumbers, peas, grapes, radishes, and other products that are feature provoke flatulence in the stomach.
should not after a breast-feeding baby sit down at the table.This will not benefit themselves or the baby.The milk in the mother's body is produced depending on the frequency of feeding and amount eaten baby.Theoretically, in the period of pregnancy your body has accumulated enough nutrients to ensure your baby's milk for the entire period of breastfeeding.And you have eaten foods make up only a lack of nutrients in the body.
If you give up the animal fats and replace them with vegetable, you will very soon start to lose weight.Just always keep balance and balance in the diet, and then the lack of vitamins and mineral elements not feel neither you nor your child!