Constantly stuffy nose

By Admin | Health Recipes
30 April 2016
We constantly complain about the congestion of the nasal cavity.This is one of the most common problems in the human world around us.There are many ways to treat this phenomenon.The nose is clogged, runny nose, it becomes hard to breathe.Basically nasal congestion does not occur for a long time.As time passes.But other causes of all this - the increase of the adenoids, tumors, foreign bodies in the nasal cavity, various microbes penetrating the street from the people around them.
Now we give a few main causes blockage of the nose.
- One is cold.
- Changes in the nasal septum, which separates the nostrils of man, it is the cause of all injuries of the nose.It can get even in childhood.Such a phenomenon occurs quite frequently.No one is immune from this.Even without much deviation from the norm will lead to bleeding, lower the immunity of the nasal cavity.Most people suffer from nasal septum deviation that leads to painful consequences.But do not worry too much.Doctors
can help you solve your inconvenience by surgery.
- Allergy is also a very good indication if not breathing, nasal congestion.There is an inflammatory process that leads to runny nose, tearing, weakness, headache.Allergens can be various plants, their pollen hay.Reacts with the nasal cavity, the person starts sneezing, breathing becomes more difficult.We have to fight hard with this problem.
- Still there is this kind of a cold as vasomotor called false cold.The main reasons for such effects - is tobacco smoke and its other species, air conditioners, harmful substances in the air.
How to help our nose?The answer is simple.Always carry a handkerchief, blow your nose, clean the nose of the downtrodden.With the pair of procedures to clean the nasal cavity, and the microbes are destroyed.You can take a hot shower or bath.Drink hot tea, tincture.Generally, the more fluid you drink, the better for you.There are many drops of nasal sprays sold without a doctor's prescription.
If nasal congestion lasts more than 2 weeks, then go through a consultation with the doctor, identify the cause.The doctor will prescribe you the necessary treatment, will give a prescription for the drug.In the event that you have allergies, you will register a course of medical treatment.
We must also remember that the use of nasal drops, it becomes addiction.You can not use them all the time, it adversely affects human health.Habit will haunt you all the time, you will want to breathe freely using sprays.Always think before you buy the medication.Go to the doctor for consultation.
Long-term use of drugs to the nose, addictive and irritated mucous membranes.This leads to a chronic cold.Such symptoms are dangerous to humans.The only way out - to quit to use drops and sprays.They can be replaced tablets.Use these drugs is recommended for 3 to 4 days.
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