How to treat a cold while breastfeeding?

By Admin | Health Recipes
30 April 2016
Many nursing mothers faced with a cold, during breast-feeding the child.The process of feeding very long.It is necessary to carefully take care of yourself and the baby.But no one is immune from the disease.Since all the same to be, if you get sick while breastfeeding?And if it is the flu?Now we'll help you.
Always doctors believed that cold or flu should be treated with antibiotics, and the baby to stop breastfeeding.Therefore abruptly stop breastfeeding the baby.This is because it needs to obtain nutrients, strengthen the immune system.At this time, doctors have found a way out of this situation.
Doctors give such advice: if the mother will become sick, the temperature rises during feeding, it is impossible to stop breastfeeding the baby.Especially if this is due to viral infections.Of course, my mother should definitely be treated, but the child should continue to be fed mother's milk.Here the matter is that when the mother falls ill, the child is exposed to diseases that carries it.V
iruses are dangerous for the baby.That self breast milk, helps to combat viruses, it contained antibodies that help, and together with her mother win infections.Then it turns out that when the input of nutrients contained in breast milk, weaken the body baby, and it will be exposed to the risk of infection.
mother should know that the treatment of feeding should take place in a secure environment.Medications should choose only those that are prescribed by doctors.Always consult your doctor!Therefore it is necessary to apply the permitted drugs that do not harm the health of the baby.There are folk remedies and herbal treatments.For example, for rinsing, chamomile, calendula, chamomile tea.As for the chemicals, their doctor prescribes only.
Nursing mothers ask the question: which of antipyretics, safest?There are two drugs that are recommended by doctors.It paracetamol and ibuprofen.You most likely will register paracetamol.When breastfeeding it is safest.Its use has been tested and warranted.It is worth remembering that the temperature - the most important instrument in the fight against colds.You can not use the drug pointless.Dose appoints treating doctor.
One factor of the unpleasant effects of the common cold is a runny nose.This symptom is bad for the baby during breastfeeding.May be harmful to his health.We need to use disposable bandages, not to cough or sneeze in the baby.It should be very careful to treat it.Treatment takes only those drugs that the doctor prescribes in feeding your baby breast milk.First of all consult with your doctor, he will tell you that it is best to apply the treatment.
course colds, flu, runny nose - not the most pleasant event in the life of the baby and mother.You protect yourself and the baby, if you correctly follow the instructions of doctors.Feed your baby breast, it will grow healthy and strong.
Take care of yourself and your baby!Good luck in feeding!