How useful brewer's yeast?

By Admin | Health Recipes
30 April 2016
Even in ancient times people have told the art of brewing.Residents of the ancient cities of ancient Egypt, to apply their knowledge.Another handwritten scrolls were described by medical prescriptions.Famous ancient Egyptian and Roman queen used the beer to maintain their beauty.They knew the secret of her youth and longevity.
Many centuries ago people drank unfiltered beer, which in its composition contain brewer's yeast.Therefore, the beer was a useful product that can treat even the man to bring him to a state of wakefulness.In our time in the preparation of the beer brewer's yeast is not used, and this is very bad.By filtering increases the shelf life of the beverage, and nutrients die.Beer becomes simple drink.
What are brewer's yeast?
dried brewer's yeast consist of yeasts.It is a valuable product.First, the yeast in a liquid state.Going through the following processing, the fungal product breaks to digest the beer man.
Brewer's yeast - a storehouse of
Beer fermentation process is long.Useful substances which are obtained in the following, are used for medical purposes.They fall into the pharmacy in the form of tablets and powders.Thus, brewer's yeast is a natural product that helps a person to fill the body with essential nutrients, such as protein.People who do not eat meat, brewer's yeast helps to set the protein of protein that the body needs anyway.A number of chemical elements contained in brewer's yeast, promote beauty and health.Vitamins contained in yeast, promote, protection from hair loss, solve problems with the skin.They protect our body from bacteria, improve immunity, improve physical condition.Brewer's yeast fill our body with everything necessary for our health.Another feature of the brewer's yeast is that they produce insulin organism.
Can all used brewer's yeast?
course not.Before you start using brewer's yeast, you should consult your doctor.There are many contraindications.Patients who suffer a high content of uric acid in the body, is strictly prohibited to use brewer's yeast.Also in renal failure can not eat yeast, it will affect your health.
External application
application of brewer's yeast is used for baths and face masks.Take yeast, throw them in water at room temperature to obtain a face mask, which later will help us get rid of the subcutaneous fat and dead cells of a person, which in turn will enhance the process of blood circulation, rejuvenate the skin.
before use is to gain strength.The results will show only a few weeks or even months.The course of treatment is very long, so the drugs have to be phased application.In the first, visiting days, may appear on the face and skin acne (prischey).Do not worry, soon they will be gone.This means that the process of cleaning the body began, everything will be back to normal and recover.