How can I see the warts?

By Admin | Health Recipes
30 April 2016
Warts are not only ugly growth on the skin, they cause in humans and a lot more complex, people feel unattractive.Psychologists who work with people who want to get rid of warts, have long noticed this dependency.Training can help to cope with the complexes cause warts and warts can be lead with the help of folk remedies used by people many years ago.
Potato juice helps to remove warts.Potatoes must be cut and applied to the wart fresh cut.Repeat this procedure is necessary during the day several times.
onion juice can also be used to remove warts.Archery need to squeeze out the juice and apply it on the wart and left to dry.Onions generally is a proven folk remedy, yet it is used not only to get rid of warts, as well as fungus.
fruits of mountain ash are one of these folk remedies.You must first of rowan berries to make pulp and apply it to the pre-steaming the affected areas.To fix the rowan mask, you need to stick the patch on top.For 10 days, you must repeat this procedu
Corn oil can be used for removing warts that are on hand.The oil must be preheated and warm rub into the affected area.
To all of these procedures to get the desired result, they need to spend quite a long time.For removing warts there are faster and more radical ways, but only if their use is necessary to be very careful and they are quite painful.
example, garlic .Warts do not like it.It should be fresh cut handle the affected area, then the wart should blush and will soon fall.
Celandine is also a very effective herb to remove warts.It speaks for itself, even its name.If applied to the warts fresh juice of celandine, they begin to blacken.Then nail scissors must be carefully cut off the blackened space.Repeat procedure should be as long as the build-up is not completely disappear.One should know that the bright orange juice, which is taken from the roots of the plants helps best.
Juice dandelion can try to deduce warts, which has just appeared in her arms.Rub the juice they need every day.
Ice can also be used for getting rid of warts.It must be put on 5-6 times a day on the wart, so long as it is possible to suffer.A few days later the warts themselves begin to fall away.
In conclusion we can say that not only the remedies used by the people to get rid of warts, as well as certain magic rituals.
For example, a silk thread knotted over the wart.After that cut in half the potatoes and between its halves hide this thread, and dig potatoes.When the potatoes rot, the wart to disappear.
with apples as you can spend like the ritual of getting rid of the build-up.Strong thread must be cut an apple, then lubricate the wart with apple, apple halves to fold and wrap them with a thread.Apple then need to drip.
If successful listed funds have not brought the issue was urgent removal of warts, then you should consult your doctor to identify the etymology of warts and purpose of medical treatment.