Watery diarrhea in infants

By Admin | Child Development
25 May 2016

first baby's life are the most difficult for him, and for the father and mother.At this time the child's body undergoes many changes due to which there are various health disorders.One of these ailments is watery diarrhea in infants.Despite the fact that the exercise is a common and frequent, the parents on this ground raises a lot of concerns and questions.

Pediatricians emphasize young moms and dads on the fact that due to a number of specific anatomical features of the child's body baby chair has a liquid consistency.Very often, parents confuse it with watery.Recognize upset stomach or, in the popular, "diarrhea" is possible only on the factors he was provoked, and the color of bowel movements.

It is natural to assume that the child is celebrating their hygienic needs after every meal.Therefore, to determine bowel dysfunction can be a hue and consistency of bowel movements.Considered normal chair with a yellowish tint, the composition resembles cottage cheese.

In the case of loose stools baby con

sistency is more like water, the stool is very frequent and uncontrollable, should begin to be afraid.It is also considered bad sign mucus or blood in the lineup, greenish tint stool.

Effects of watery diarrhea in infants

Typically, these symptoms indicate that the intestines of the digestive system or a failure occurs kakoy-.His provoke products that consume a nursing mother.If the baby is bottle-fed, may provoke a similar reaction and change mixes for food.In the implementation of feeding the child's body reacts in a similar way to the new products unknown to him.

worst thing than can threaten this physiological phenomenon - dehydration.Even worse is when there is also vomiting.

What to do when watery stools?

further independent actions of parents will depend on the external condition of the child.If watery stools a child behaves in a familiar way, do not be afraid.Most likely because the body adapts and soon a similar phenomenon will pass on their own.

In case the chair is bleeding, should immediately seek competent medical advice.Only a narrow specialist will be able to identify the cause of such reactions, as well as assign appropriate therapy.

Watery stools with mucus greenish color may indicate that the baby is infected with gastroenteritis.Usually such a state is accompanied by a red rash, and even on the skin.In this case alone and should not be treated.It is recommended to resort to medical care.

Watery stools, in which is still present and fever may indicate a common cold.It so happens that the same symptoms appear in the moment when the baby teeth begin to erupt.