Useful than honey?

By Admin | Health Recipes
29 April 2016
Honey basically contains all the necessary material for us.It is considered that the most useful dark honeys.Statistically they contain several times more useful elements than light.For example, copper twice, magnesium 14-fold, four iron.In the structure of honey contains amino acids, and they are a major breeding ground for the normal structure of cells and tissues of the body.
science has long been proven that honey inherent antiprotozoal, antifungal and antibacterial properties.It is recommended that the daily intake of food in small quantities, it is good strengthens the immune system.Honey is also used as a cold inhalation and rinses the oral cavity.
Honey noticeably normalizes the heart, blood vessels, blood pressure, bronchial tubes, blood circulation of the body.It is also able to provide a relaxing effect on vascular smooth muscle muscle, which is important for the successful functioning of the whole organism.
Due to the presence in honey of copper, magnesium, cobalt and
elements of group B significantly increased the formation of red blood cells, which are present in the blood.Thanks honey antiseptic effect able to disinfect open wounds on the body, is completely cleaned them and protect against infection better than specialized equipment.
Honey can remove nervous tension, and it is often recommended to be used for this purpose.It includes acetylcholine, which helps calm the nervous system.Glucose, which is also available in honey, the reservoir of good muscle power.It is known to many athletes, so honey is always present in their diet.