How to treat nail fungus?

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29 April 2016
More often than other onychomycosis (nail fungus) can occur in people who suffer rubromikozom, favus, trichophytosis and chronic athlete's foot.Sometimes they fall ill patients microsporia.The disease begins to develop from the edges of the nails, they become loose and brittle, can crumble.According nails crawl spots of yellow or gray-white color.The disease progresses slowly, but is able to hit the nail completely.
disease is often isolated in nature, in other words only affects the nail and the skin on the rest of the body remains intact.
Treating nail fungus disease
This process itself is quite prolonged in time and an integrated approach.Griseofulvin are inside the body for four to six months.Also suitable fungicidal treatment.And do nails completely removed.This is done surgically or keratologicheskimi means.Here are some ways:
1. The method developed Andriasian GK .. On the surface of the nail impose a mixture prepared from 15% of barium sulfide and talc.It ma
intained on the nail for half an hour, as required dampening water by a conventional pipette.After all this is washed off and the nail scraped medical scalpel.This procedure is repeated until then, until the nail is fully come.Ointment is then applied based on lactic acid, benzoic acid or salicylic acid, and vaseline.Top fixed compress and leave for two days.All this is repeated two or three times until the nail bed will not be completely clean.After just smeared with iodine.And so until they germinate quite healthy nails.
2. The second method is as follows: take the ointment composed in equal parts of lanolin and potassium iodide.It is applied to the diseased nail for ten days.Then for the next five days, smeared with a mixture of crystalline iodine, potassium iodide, and lanolin.If necessary, repeat.
3. Apply keratolytic patches.They can be trichloroacetic, salicylic ureaplastovye and in which there is a 20% urea.The latter is considered the most effective.His wound on the nail a layer of three to five centimeters, previously softened in a hot bath.Allow to stand for five days.After a nail scraped with a scalpel.After the fungicidal treatment is carried out, often with the use of patches - 5% salicylic-thymol, 5% and 20% betanaftolovye pirogallovye.Treatment of nail bed is continued for 6 months.