How to remove sulfuric cork?

By Admin | Health Recipes
29 April 2016
With proper functioning of the auditory system, sulfur, which tends to accumulate in the ear canal, she removed.This occurs after the drying, when we talk or chew.Muscles involved at this time, as if it is pushed out of the passage.Also this contributes to the hairs which are in the outer part of the ear canal.
causes of the accumulation of sulfur in the aisle, may be different.This ointment, which can cause irritation within the passageway, and a simple disruption of the functioning of the organism (poor diet, illness, lack of vitamins).In this case, the sulfur becomes more viscous and thick, and this leads to the formation of cerumen.It adheres to the inner walls of the passage and is not passed further.Gradually, it becomes too much, and the person begins to hear the worst.
Deafness occurs usually during bathing or swimming in the pond.Water that enters the pass, do not back out and clog it.The man is completely ceases to hear the ear, and into which water enters.Sometimes this is acc
ompanied by blockage of headaches, for which own voice may be given a dull echo in my head.My head aches from the side which clogged ear.
The most common way to remove cerumen, this washing with water.Take the big syringe and filled with warm water, which is sent to a strong jet inside the ear.It is not always possible to remove from the first stopper.In some cases, recommend the use of special drops of glycerin or a soda solution (50 ml of warm water pour one teaspoon of baking soda).Its instilled into the ear of 3-4 times a day at a time to a solution of 5 drops.Under its influence the sulfur starts to crumble, and can be easily removed from the passage.
Contrary to popular belief, frequent cleaning of the ears with cotton wool is not only a positive result, and even, on the contrary, contributes to the formation of sulfur.Sulfur is removed only from the visible surface and accumulates inside pushed by, and indeed the ear canal is suffering from such cleaning.
Remember that washing the ears should be done only in medical institutions, well, with separate procedures need to be extremely careful.