What to do if food poisoning?

By Admin | Health Recipes
29 April 2016
most common cause of food poisoning is considered to be a variety of bacteria.For example, E. coli, bacillus of botulism, staphylococcus and salmonella can occur in foods due to improperly organized transportation or storage products.They can get there at the wrong preparation of the products themselves.
food poisoning a person may vomit, he may have pain in the intestines, diarrhea.Typically, after a few days of self-healing takes place.Poisoning usually lasts no more than 5 days.
During his illness strictly contraindicated excessive immobility and frequent eating.It is best to keep bed rest and consume lots of water.Fasting also helps in the healing process.
But self is not always possible.There are times when medical intervention without can not do:
- patient more than a week are all symptoms of poisoning;
- the temperature does not drop below 37.5 degrees for a long time;
- diarrhea and vomiting persist for 2 days, despite the use of available tools;
- if the poisoned child or aged man.
What should I do if food poisoning:
- is necessary to ascertain its cause;
- to take the necessary measures to provide assistance;
- to follow what the patient would consume a lot of liquid, it will prevent dehydration;
- be sure to ask for help to physicians;
Here are some recommended tools for use in such cases:
- Activated Carbon.It should be taken every 15 minutes for one hour at 3-5 grams.You can use another adsorbent which has been recommended by doctors.
- Good help the functioning of liver extract from the seeds of thistle or milk.Take 10-15 drops every half hour.
- To facilitate the general condition of the victim used garlic, ginger extract, decoction of the roots of dandelion tea made from the leaves of the plantain.
- Vitamin C is well fills force.It is taken every hour for one gram.
- is considered a good emetic of mustard powder.It takes one teaspoon per cup of water.The water should be warm.It acts almost instantly, so be alert.
- For the excretion of various kinds of toxins used castor oil.Dosage should be - 1-2 tbsp.spoon stirred into warm water or lemon juice.Drink small sips every 5 minutes.For this purpose, also use microalgae, astragalus, Siberian ginseng.
As strange as it sounds, but suffered from food poisoning should try as much as possible to move.Even the last effort is necessary to try to make the motion.The poison that got into the body with food, there is derived by sweating bodies.Also it recommended a warm shower that washes away the poison coming out of the body.According to statistics, a person who follows these simple tips much more likely to survive than in those who accept and keepeth his bed.
Good tips to help Chinese medicine.They are used for rehabilitation, or acute poisoning.Here are some of them:
- The patient should lie on his stomach and the masseur massages the body adjacent to the spine and the spine itself.
- victim lying on his back, and his pad of his thumb massaged the abdomen above the navel.
- Held acupressure area between the eyebrows.Done forty rotational movements.
And most importantly, remember that with any alcohol poisoning is strictly contraindicated, it can lead to death.