Symptoms of mercury poisoning

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28 April 2016
dosage of mercury vapor over 0.25 mg per 1 cubic meter of air is able to enter the human body only through inhalation through the lungs.If it exceeds this figure, it is possible to penetrate into the body through the skin, and this is extremely dangerous.
symptoms that characterize poisoning divided into two categories - acute and chronic.
more severe symptoms can occur in children and women.
situation in which these symptoms may occur, may occur if the mercury is in a heated state and begins to evaporate.This is possible in a domestic environment.For example, you have a broken thermometer was in the closet for drying.Mercury, in this case rather quickly evaporates and the air becomes extremely dangerous.The same may happen in the sauna room.When mercury is in the open space in the hot condition, it evaporates in a few seconds.
In acute poisoning with poisonous mercury vapor, the first symptoms can give themselves felt only a few hours after poisoning himself.
The man begins to loss of appetite and weakness occurs throughout the body.Also, can severely sore throat, gums start bleeding, vomiting appear.The victim may feel the bite of metal in the mouth, salivation starts strong.And in the stomach may feel severe pain.Also, perhaps the appearance of diarrhea with traces of blood.A urine test is usually indicates excessive levels of mercury.Mercury vapors may accumulate in the lungs, which can cause pain in the chest area.The temperature will rise sharply, then falls sharply.In cases where the victim suffered severe poisoning, and he was not given medical help in time, it can be fatal.
Symptoms of chronic poisoning
This poisoning is most often exposed to those people whose work one way or another, connected with the finding in the field of high content of mercury vapor.Due to the long and constant contact with the mercury, and the first symptoms of the disease.
Symptoms of poisoning are completely opposite to the symptoms of acute poisoning.In chronic poisoning the ravages exposed in the first place the entire nervous system.Initially, it may be manifested in excessive irritability, sleepiness.Sometimes there is apathy, sharp headaches.A person becomes emotionally unstable.Prolonged contact with this substance begin to drop human intelligence, it dramatically loses its ability to focus on one thing.In some cases, the disease is manifested by twitching fingers, lips and eyelids later.And in some cases, can shake the whole body.
In establishing disease marked too frequent urination, lower pressure, lower heart health system.Deteriorating perception of tactile functions of the skin and a certain smell, difficult to discern the taste of food.
in chronic diseases may occur following diseases: atherosclerosis, liver disease, tuberculosis and diseases of the digestive tract.A monthly women are violated, it is extremely difficult to get pregnant, and pregnancy itself can be broken.
In the case of chronic poisoning symptoms can give itself felt many years later.