Signs of blood poisoning

By Admin | Health Recipes
28 April 2016

nature of blood poisoning, or sepsis may be acute or chronic in nature, characterized by fairly rapid proliferation in the blood of viral, fungal and bacterial flora.The cause of blood infection can be spread in the body of harmful diseases.Spread the infection instantly.Since there is a direct relationship with the pathology of antibiotic treatment, it can be changed, and for signs of blood poisoning.

germs that trigger sepsis, different origin can be caused, for example, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and various cocci, tuberculosis organisms, E. coli and many others.

on the species of the pathogen, the focus of distribution and status of its own security properties of the organism depends on the clinical manifestation of the infection.Initially, blood poisoning can manifest itself as a strong chills or fever, rash papular or hemorrhagic nature.A intoxication affects all further symptoms of the infection.For non-specific symptoms of infection include a significant
increase in the liver or spleen tissue, after the fever may be sweating, lethargy, disturbance chair, lack of exercise.

blood poisoning need antibacterial treatment, otherwise it may be affected by the internal organs and their functions, which may lead to death.At a later stage of the infection is manifested in the form of blood thromboses, lesions of lower limbs and hemorrhagic syndrome.

Purulent and inflammatory processes in any of the internal organs can be seen at the very beginning of the disease are the main symptoms of bacterial contamination.The main treatment is a powerful antibiotic therapy to overcome intravascular coagulation.