Chocolate diet: lose weight easy!

By Admin | Health Recipes
28 April 2016

question of normalization of weight today as relevant as ever.In the context of the rhythm of the big city, where every minute counts, you want to choose the diet that will take the least amount of time and quite unnoticeable, and not be distracted way you can decide nasuschy question.

One interesting diet is chocolate.As with any other diet, the important point is not only health, but also consultation with a specialist.It is advisable to choose the method of weight loss with your dietitian.The essence of chocolate diet is as follows.It should be consumed daily 100 grams of the dark chocolate, but not its substitute.In the food can be eaten other products. However, the meal should be divided into 2-3.These products should not contain salt and sugar in its composition.

When you diet, it is recommended to exclude from the diet soft drinks, water and juices.The liquid is suitable only coffee without sugar, possibly with the addition of skim milk, which should be co
nsumed immediately after receiving the chocolate, and then, but not earlier than three hours during the day, you can use the tea and water.The amount of liquid drunk per day should be at least 1.2 liters.This number can be increased, depending on the individual.The need to drink coffee after drinking chocolate because thanks to him, sharply increases the digestive process.

positive point of this diet is to acquire the desired results within a relatively short period of time.Consumption of chocolate activates brain activity besides.In addition, regular use of chocolate in your diet not only improves the immune system, but in general its rejuvenation.In any process there are both positives and negative.Accordingly, despite the ease of use of this diet, she should not only take place under the supervision of a specialist, as mentioned earlier, but also need to know that it does not normalize the body's metabolism, or generates power mode.This diet helps your body to use fewer calories when life activity, but if you do not abide by any rules in food intake and diet in the future, then you most likely can get the opposite result.Unused calories for the body can turn into fat.

In addition, it is forbidden to use the diet for people with chronic diseases such as gallstone disease and liver disease;with the presence of diabetes, congenital or acquired, he has no value;propensity to allergic reactions.In addition, coffee, which is used after reception in a large amount of chocolate improves pressure.Therefore, if you have a tendency to high blood pressure, the use of this diet should be abandoned.To all the above, I want to add that, thanks to the chocolate diet, you can lose weight by 4-7 kg.