How to start to harden?

By Admin | Health Recipes
27 April 2016

Since ancient times, people have poured cold water on myself and thought that water has a positive effect on the human body and has healing properties.Today pouring water - it is the most affordable and common form of health treatments.

can be poured in the bath and sauna, on the beach or just in the backyard of his house.And to pouring it brings only positive effect it is recommended to adhere to a few simple rules:

- To start this procedure, ask a relative or loved one to throw you.It is not necessary to carry out throwing one in the first days of hardening.

- Water should be poured gradually, so that it washed over your whole body.

- For those who perform this procedure the first time, pour, preferably not the entire body completely, and by parts.For example, start with some parts of the body and to gradually move to the other.

- The water temperature should be around 30-32 degrees, and gradually become acc
ustomed to drop, bringing the temperature to 10 degrees.Of course, everyone's body is different, so strictly follow these values ​​should not listen to your body, it all depends on the individual.

- If you want to teach the children douche, it is better to do it from an early age.

- older people need to be careful.At this age should not lower the temperature to 10 degrees, as it may adversely affect health.

- After pouring can be wiped with a towel, or better yet - do gymnastics.

important to know how water acts on various parts of the body.For example, in osteochondrosis and rheumatism beneficial impact jet of water on his back, and with nervousness and migraines - in the collar of the body.And do not forget that in diseases of the nervous system can not be a long time to work on the spine.In any case you should consult your doctor.

If you found the strength tempered, you will not only get rid of colds, but also enhance the resistance of the organism as a whole.Important gradually lowering the temperature, and when it will get used, you will get not only health benefits, but also fun.