How to plant tuber Gloxinia?

By Admin | Magic Plants
04 May 2016

One of the most popular indoor plants growers can be called gloxinia.It has a very attractive appearance and quite taxing to care for.There are currently a large number of hybrids derived gloxinia, so that you can choose for every taste.If you know how to properly care for the flower to plant it properly, then gloxinia will please its owner for a long time for its excellent views.

Choose tubers gloxinia

It is important to choose a healthy tuber gloxinia.To do this, you should be able to evaluate the appearance of the tuber - it should be at least 4 cm in diameter, should be dense, with no trace of mold or rot.If the tubers are in the pot, where they have been since last season, they should be cleaned from the dried roots, leaving only the good and large.Further, this tuber should be washed with warm running water.At the top of the tuber has buds that are similar to the surface roughness.Sometimes it happens that the kidney is already awake and then there are small on tuber sprouts.Usually, the awake

ning of the kidneys begins after a period of rest - is February-March (depending on storage temperature).When tuber sprouts appear, it is necessary as soon as possible to plant Gloxinia.

Planting tubers gloxinia

If a tuber has not sprouted shoots, it is necessary to determine which side of it should be put.To do this, you should carefully examine the tuber - on one of its sides is a small depression, and other parties will be smooth.From deepen further and will grow sprouts.

gloxinia For planting should be able to choose the right pot.The roots of this plant does not spread into the interior, and wide.Therefore, you should choose a wide and not very deep pot.You should also consider the size of the tuber - the higher it is, the required large containers (but not by much larger, otherwise very much to grow foliage).

At the bottom of the pot, first spread the selected two-centimetric layer of expanded clay (can take the foam).At the drainage layer is poured soil that is left loose.In general, the soil should be well-permeable to air and water, should be easy.At the heart of the peat soil.Soil mixture for gloxinia can be bought in a special shop, but you can prepare yourself.For this sheet combined with peat soil and sand (2: 2: 1).Earth should be ignited in the oven or dry frying pan.

In the center of the earth need to do a recess into which the tuber.It should be carefully sprinkled on the sides of the ground to 2/3 were in the ground.After that, the ground gently moisturize to prevent moisture from getting into the center of the tuber and sprouted shoots, otherwise the plant may begin to rot.

For best germination and rooting best to create a climate-plant.To do this, put the pot on a transparent bag and placed it in a bright and warm place.Be sure to ventilate the gloxinia, so every day for 20-25 minutes to pack the pot will need to shoot.With the advent of the first true leaves cover the pot package will have a few nights, and then completely stop this process.Watering is the first time the tuber should be small amounts of water to prevent waterlogging.

As growth check of the stem in a pot should pour land to tuber gloxinia found himself disguised the ground for a couple of centimeters.It is important for proper growth of normal, because if the top of the tuber will be without soil, then eventually it will start to rot and crumble the plant will die.

observing rules gloxinia planting, caring for it properly, you can count on the fact that the plant will be a long delight you with their blooms.