Treatment of stomatitis at home

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27 April 2016

Stomatitis - it disease oral mucosa, which is characterized by the appearance of sores in the mouth.Stomatitis contribute to the development of infectious diseases, such as measles, blood diseases, skin diseases.Stomatitis occurs when the chemical effect on the mucous membrane of the mouth, drinking too hot, cold or sour foods, alcohol abuse and smoking, chronic administration of drugs, failure to comply with oral hygiene.Very often stomatitis occurs in a weakened organism.

symptoms. stomatitis Usually the patient experiences difficulties while eating due to enlarged lymph nodes, and as a result worsen.Children may show high temperature.Another symptom while a rash stomatitis is a painful sores in the mouth, around the mouth and plaque formation (for fungal stomatitis).

for prevention and treatment, there are many different methods of combating this disease. Here are some recipes to treat thrush at home that reduce painful sensati
ons and healing of ulcers:

- Rinse your mouth with hot water (preferably 3-5 times) after a meal

- to relieve pain rinse your mouth with a solution of 2 teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide in a glass of water

- chew the leaves of Kalanchoe or aloe, or lubricate the gums juice of these plants

- if the disease is only beginning to develop,It helps 50-percent tincture of propolis.To do this, wash the sore area with hydrogen peroxide, a hairdryer to dry the place, and with a pipette to drip tincture of propolis, then again dried to form on the sore spot propolis film.

- fresh carrot juice (or cabbage juice) mixed 1: 1 with boiled water.3 times a day, rinse obtained juice.

- rinse your mouth infusion prepared from the dining room tablespoons herb Eryngium planum a glass of water (15 minutes to boil 1insist hour).

- 2-3 cloves of garlic to grind and mix with yogurt or sour.A couple of minutes to warm up and keep in the mouth, tongue distributed evenly throughout the mouth, as long as possible, despite the burning in the mouth.Repeat this procedure for several days.