The deposition of salts in the body: causes and prevention

By Admin | Health Recipes
26 April 2016
Most of us in solving this problem as a waiver use of food table salt effective method to combat salt deposits in the joints and consequently accompanied by pain in the joints.More people are turning to the masseur, and believe that it is a massage able to cope, such as pain in the cervical spine.
first joints are felt in 20 years, from this age most people start problems with joints and the spine.Gradually can develop gout, which is characterized by redness, pain and swelling of joints (during exacerbation).
deposition of salts in the body is not related directly to the use of edible salt, which a person eats each day with food.Since the chemical composition table salt different from the salt which is formed in the body.Therefore, the use of salt in food has no effect on the development of the disease.
There are only two factors that affect the process of accumulation of salts in the body: poor diet and genetic predisposition.Of course, you can not influenc
e on heredity, but it is possible to reduce the risk of deposits and salt to a minimum thanks to a balanced and healthy diet.The thing is that if protein foods is not fully absorbed by the body, it leads to the formation of salts.To prevent this from happening you need to create the conditions under which the food is completely digested protein.
Prevention salt deposits :
- reduce the amount eaten within a day of protein foods (fatty types of fish, meat, internal organs of animals and birds).Limit consumption of fats;
- protein foods is well absorbed from vegetable salads;
- Limit the use of products from spices, puff pastry, sauces, tomato paste, ketchup;
- not the food begins to sing;
- do not overdo salty and spicy.
Remember, only a doctor can determine exactly happens in your deposition of salt or not.To do this, you must pass a series of tests.