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26 April 2016

Every woman wants to be beautiful regardless of age.But, unfortunately, over the years, the beauty goes somewhere, and very few people manage to look young.Today, there are so many specialty clinics that deal with women's beauty.This is due to the fact that demand for their services is actually quite large.But, despite this, to get to the really cool professionals need to carefully check the documentation clinics and see examples of their work.

Blepharoplasty is a surgical correction of the eyelids.With it you can not only change the shape of the eyes and eyelids, but also eliminate the existing disadvantages of age, as well as get rid of wrinkles, bags under the eyes and overhanging upper eyelids.This operation is sometimes performed in conjunction with other facial plastic surgery, such as removal of wrinkles in the eye area.Blepharoplasty is of their two stages: plastic upper and lower eyelids.Typically they are held in a single operation.

Indications blepharoplasty

By blepharoplasty resorted to if the skin on the upper eyelidsso limp that it begins to interfere with sight.In this case there eyestrain, and constantly face looks tired.Often, these changes are associated with the negative inheritance, in which case it is very difficult to avoid.An additional reason for blepharoplasty can serve as the appearance of subcutaneous fat bags visible from the outside.If the patient has bags under the eyes, then it is recommended to hold the lower eyelid blepharoplasty.

stroke operation

Typically, blepharoplasty performed using general anesthesia.The surgeon cuts through the eyelid skin wrinkles and removes excess skin formation, fatty tissue.Thereafter he stitches so that they are not visible on the background natural skin folds.Soon the scars heal, and to see them become impossible.

After surgery

the next six hours after surgery, the eye should be covered with a bandage.If the termination of the anesthetic, a strong pain in the eye area, it is necessary to take an analgesic drug.Throughout the week, will be held near the eye bruises.Tissue swelling usually disappear in about two weeks.Sometimes month period can occur after blepharoplasty lacrimation and slight changes in vision.Typically, patients already after ten days can safely begin their work.On the street for some time will have to wear glasses with sun protection.Not everyone is able to just get used to the "new" face, a young and energetic.

Possible complications

Sometimes patients complain of changing the shape of their eyes as a result of a blepharoplasty.It may be a slight rounding of the eyes or the displacement of the outer corners.Thus, some women eyes get kind of sad, and they do not like.With too low elastic fabrics on the lower eyelid, sometimes they are pulled.It also occurs when the skin has been removed too much.As a rule, such transformations are corrected by themselves, but you may need to repeat and plastic.
As for any other complications, their risk is quite low.Do not be afraid of the terrible bruising and swelling around the eyes immediately after surgery, they quickly disappear and the person becomes more beautiful.Even minimal damage to the cornea during blepharoplasty are rare.This also applies to the possible of infection - such cases are practically no.

Choice Clinic

calling for help in the clinic of plastic surgery, be sure to check for the presence therethe necessary documentation.First of all, there must be a license for carrying out medical activities.The application for a license shall include information on the volume of surgical interventions, allowed the clinic.Usually, copies of these documents are available for public viewing.

In addition, it is important to read the results of real professionals who will make your plastic.I do not think that at the appropriate level plastic surgery you will only abroad.Today in our country there is no way inferior to the clinic with excellent equipment and tools.The aim is to highlight just such an organization among the whole set.