Increases vitality

By Admin | Health Recipes
26 April 2016

To improve overall vitality and improve your health, you must exercise.If you are new to this, start with a simple, unobtrusive movements.Follow them with joy, and, most importantly, regularly.It should be understood that you are improving your health, not only physical, but mental.You can, for example, to perform such simple steps:

- Sit on the bed rhythmically clenching and unclenching his fists.

- Tilt the head first forward, then backward, gradually moving to the rotation.

- Bending your elbows and put your fingers to the shoulders, move them in a circular path.Together with his hands moving the shoulder joints.It will be enough to make five turns ahead and the same back.

- then pull the whole body, and sit down several times.

- supine twist legs pedal an imaginary bike, in turn, straighten legs.Try to stick with the vertical position relative to the floor.

- Tighten your buttocks as it should, as much as possible ret
ract the anus and then the abdomen.Ye abide in this position a few seconds and then completely relax all your muscles.Repeat this several times.

- In the same position, bend your legs so that your feet rest against the floor.By slightly lift your upper body until you find that you are sitting with arms outstretched.Then take the starting position and repeat the exercise five times.

But despite the effectiveness of such a charge, it is not enough.It has engaged in some form of physical activity.It is very useful to swim or ride a bike.You may want to learn some exercises of yoga or qigong exercises.Always be active, doing things you love and do not be afraid to make important decisions.Take care with respect to your body and it will repay you in kind.But perhaps the most important thing in all situations to be a woman.Give love to others, you do not have to be young or have some special external data.

But if it turns out so that all the measures taken by you in no way relieve the symptoms of menopause, you should consult a doctor.He is likely to appoint you a special hormone therapy.This will compensate for the missing hormones and have a positive effect on the body as a whole.Adverse symptoms should disappear.But before that, make sure that you do not like the treatment is contraindicated.

If you still doubt the need hormone therapy, use non-hormonal drugs that facilitate the symptoms of menopause.Today, they are produced in large quantities.