How to get rid of age spots?

By Admin | Health Recipes
26 April 2016

For many women, the spring is associated not only with the blossoming gardens, the pleasant warm days, but also with the inevitable seasonal change of wardrobe.At this time often faced with the exacerbation of various chronic diseases, which represents a real threat to our health and beauty.Particularly frustrating when the disease affects the appearance of the skin.Brown spots are seasonal cosmetic defects and is not manifested in the cold season.But with the onset of spring, they immediately make themselves felt.Obviously, a great harm to the body they are not applied, but can considerably spoil the mood.If you get rid of age spots is difficult, then reduce the brightness is quite real.

Most experts unanimously say that the fight pigmentation next winter.The fact that at this time the content of UV is at a minimum.To get started is to undergo a medical examination and make sure that you have everything in order with the internal organs such as the liver and pancreas.If you find a
ny abnormalities, go through a course of medical treatment, and, quite possibly, age spots disappear.In the case of positive results of the survey refer to the beauty salon.It offers a range of beauty treatments aimed at the destruction of pigment spots.At home, it is impossible to repeat.

One of the most effective tools to get rid of pigmentation is Mesotherapy and special injections that suppress the production of melanin (the dark skin pigment).As a rule, in the salons of the conditions shall also be laser lightening age spots and deep peeling.It touches the deepest layers of the skin, includingand most pigmented.But before you agree to any procedure, be sure to consult a qualified dermatologist.

In the spring and summer to prevent the appearance of pigmentation arm sunscreen.Put it on the face, at intervals of 2-3 hours.At night, use a bleaching cream that can artificially equalize the color of your face.At the same time check the content of folic acid - it should be moderate.