Causes and treatment of tinnitus

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26 April 2016
Tinnitus occurs when the human ear perceives sound if there is no corresponding external sound.In another way, a phenomenon called ringing in the ears or tinnitus.Sound can occur in one or both ears, and sometimes even in the head.As a rule, patients describe it as an unpleasant ringing, buzzing, in some cases, hum, hiss or whistle.The intensity of this may be barely audible background, and can reach up to the deafening noise.
itself tinnitus - it is not a disease, but only symptom may be a very dangerous disease.
Possible causes of this phenomenon include:
- inflammation of the ear - the average or outdoorotitis media;
- cervical osteochondrosis;
- plug of sulfur;
- different ear and head injuries: acoustic, mechanical, barotrauma;
- aging changes;
- hypertension;
- Meniere's disease;
- swelling of the neck and head;
- thyroid disease;
Noise can also be no more than a side e
ffect of medications, such as aspirin, Gentamicin, quinidine, and others.Sometimes the noise arises from excessively low serotonin.What is the cause of tinnitus, in most cases can not be determined.
In 1953, well-known scientists Bergman and Heller conducted an experiment 80 students at a time came into the soundproof chamber and held there for 5 minutes.93 percent of the participants stated that they had heard a whistling, buzzing or pulsing sound.None of them had not suffered from tinnitus.Based on study results, the researchers concluded that ear injuries occur in residents of industrial and developed countries on an unnaturally high level of noise.
With regard to the treatment of tinnitus , it depends primarily on its causes.
So far, there are no special preparations from tinnitus.His eliminate medical means such groups:
- anticonvulsant agents (karbamazelin, valproate, phenytoin) useful if the noise arose as a consequence of clonic contractions of muscles of the soft palate and the middle ear;
- psychotropic drugs (tranquilizers, antidepressants), although it easier portability of noise, but they have unpleasant side effects;
- antihistamines (hydroxyzine, promethazine) bring a positive effect in the case of allergic diseases that cause fluid retention;
- substances of different groups (sulpiride, misoprostol)
effective in treating inflammatory ear disease is pnevnomassazh eardrum.It not only reduces noise but also restores hearing loss.
Hardware treatment is the use of special noise Masker reproducing sound that is able to mask the internal noise.
If tinnitus originated from the accumulation of earwax, you can get rid of it by removing the cerumen.Thus there is a washing of the external ear canal using a dissolving drugs (a-cerumen, ma-wax).As for the mechanical cleaning of the ear, such method is not only effective, but can exacerbate the condition.