Symptoms and treatment of acute esophagitis

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25 April 2016
Esophagitis - it's quite common nowadays diseases of the esophagus caused by inflammation of the mucous membrane.Inflammatory processes may progress under the influence of adverse mechanical and thermal effect on the mucous as well as chemical burns and infections.In this article we will focus on more acute esophagitis, its symptoms, treatment and prevention.
Among the main causes of this disease are:
- mechanical impact onmucosa during swallowing solid pieces of bread, fish bone, foreign bodies, as well as in the case of multiple lavage;
- thermal damage caused by the intake of very hot liquid or food;
- infectious diseases such as measles, influenza, diphtheria, scarlet fever, typhoid and others.
Thermal and mechanical damage can cause acute esophagitis, not only in themselvesbut also as a result of infection by a secondary infection which enters the already damaged mucosa.
Esophagitis can manifest itself in bluetongue, flegmozno
y and purulent forms.If esophagoscopy mucosa swells, turns red and covered with stringy mucus.There are also more dangerous complications such as erosion and expressions.In severe influenza virus infections sometimes occurs a special kind of the disease - a hemorrhagic esophagitis.
most constant symptoms of acute esophagitis is dysphagia, vomiting and pain in contact with the food into the esophagus.Sometimes the pain is so severe that patients refuse to accept any food, even the liquid, leaving them thirsty.
especially seriously ill endure excruciating vomiting, in which the activity is allocated viscous mucus, possibly mixed with blood.When a man throws his head back, he hated the sharp pain caused by the movement of the esophagus.Severe cases are accompanied by fever and bouts of cardiovascular disease.
Mild forms of esophagitis usually disappear in a few days.More severe cases require long-term treatment, and sometimes take a chronic form that provokes the development of esophageal stenosis and scarring.Such stenosis rarely progresses.Patients human esophageal wall are smooth in the constriction.Sometimes it even comes to esophageal perforation, hemorrhage, mediastinitis.Such complications often cause death.
In the case of a mild form of the disease to its treatment, patients should swallow ice chips and small sips to drink cold milk.More severe disease requires the passage of a two-day abstinence from food, followed by semi-liquid diet (jelly, juices, cereals, etc.).
With respect to drugs, when esophagitis patients prescribed antibiotics, anti-spasmodic and analgesic drugs.If vomiting occurs, enter the skin saline glucose and sodium chloride.
In order to prevent esophagitis recommended:
- limit yourself from eating too hot or cold foods;
- while receiving bony fish, bread crusts, biscuits and similar products to be careful;
- follow the oral infectious diseases.