Corn diet

By Admin | Health Recipes
25 April 2016

in corn-based diet is a proven fact that corn is able to significantly improve the degradation and burning of fat.It contains enzymes only affect the fat in gastrointestinal tract , and have no effect on adipose subcutaneous tissue.This is perhaps the key factor in corn diets.

This diet involves receiving the corn not only raw, but also in canned form.The main advantage of the canned products is its availability regardless of the season, which is important for dieting.

So, during the first two days of the diet should eat about 800 grams of corn, which is equivalent to two cans.The entire volume should be spread evenly over four stages throughout the day.After that corn consumed daily rate should be reduced by half.

Corn is extremely rich in carbohydrates, well satisfy hunger.Although usually when such a diet is not strong discomfort there , must be set to a minimum of calories consumed during the diet.In the first and second day, it is equa
l to 2300 calories, then - 1200 calories.To ensure that under these conditions the body with essential proteins, fats, carbohydrates and vitamins, it is necessary to actively use the fresh vegetables: cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, peppers and others. Also, do not forget about the greens - its use is not limited to nothing more.

As for fruits, they probably can eat as much as necessary.This does not apply only to sour apples - no more than one a day.

Always remember that the body constantly needs a certain amount of protein.Since corn contains a lot of protein, corn diet prohibits the consumption of meat, fish and seafood.True, this allowed no more frequently than once every two days to eat a bit of canned or fresh mushrooms (up to 150 grams at a time).It is not recommended to fry mushrooms, a lot better than they put out.Your meals should not contain too many spices, as they evoke real hard appetite.

When corn diet need every day to drink two and a half liters of fluid.To a great extent it should be, of course, plain water (mineral allowed, but without gas) and sour milk products, tea or coffee without sugar.

Here is diet corn diet every day:

Day one: a salad of grated carrots and corn, a small amount of corn stew (you can add peppers and onions), and, if you wish, corn salad with tomatoes and herbs.Preferably mineral drinking water with 100 ml of lemon juice, tea, coffee.

Day Two: baked corn oil, 200 ml of yogurt, corn salad with carrots, lemon juice, as well as onions and mushrooms.

Day three: cold soup, which must include tomatoes and corn, corn salad with sweet peppers, savory apple, yogurt.

Day Four: corn cucumber and herbs, boiled carrots, salad with corn, tomatoes, mushrooms, tea, coffee, kiwi.
You choose which of said at what time to eat.Portions not to be larger (up to 200 grams).
As you can see, this diet is available, and if you want to start it everyone can.But before you start, make sure you have no any contraindications.