How to brush your teeth?

By Admin | Health Recipes
25 April 2016
Historians say that people began to brush your teeth regularly only in the last century.Before that older people are constantly spoiled teeth and this hurt.The spread of the habit of brushing your teeth contribute to the emergence of mint toothpaste.They made the process enjoyable, that you will agree, is important for many people.Various diseases of the mouth, gums, and dental pain, in most cases arise due to failure of the teeth on the purity of food particles and bacteria contained therein.
Brushing teeth should be twice a day using stiff toothbrush and toothpaste.The most effective option - to clean it in the morning after breakfast and before bedtime.The toothbrush should be kept observing an angle of 45 degrees relative to the gum line.Movements should be soft and short.It is mandatory to clean both front and back teeth.The whole procedure should take you about two minutes.
When you're done with your teeth, clean toothbrush and tongue scraping short movements.After a
ll, bacteria that produce bad breath, not only to accumulate on the teeth and on the tongue.
In addition, it is recommended at least once a day to spend cleaning teeth with thread .This is necessary to get rid of trapped food debris.For this you need a special thread for the teeth of about 50 cm in length.Most of the thread should be wound on the middle finger, and then take the free part with the other hand and carefully carry out the thread between the teeth.In the area of ​​the gums should be sent to a thread in the gap between the tooth and gum.When a string of dirty little rewind with the middle finger, and used part of the wrap on the finger of the other hand.Update thread should be for each gap.
also at least twice a year need to undergo examination by a dentist .It saves your teeth from plaque inevitably produced, and to ensure the integrity of your teeth, make an X-ray.In addition, the doctor will advise you on which part you need to pay special attention in the daily cleaning.
toothbrush should be changed every three months.But if the bristles wear out before the expiration of this time, the brush will have to change early.It is only relatively new toothbrush can guarantee the purity of the teeth on one hundred percent.
If necessary, brush your teeth during the day, can chew hard vegetables or fruits, for this approach cheddar cheese.