How to return the voice of the common cold?

By Admin | Health Recipes
25 April 2016
We have all got into a situation where our voice depended on if not all, very much.Can you imagine what would happen if on the eve of the event you happen to lose your voice?In this article you will learn how you can in a short time to restore the voice lost due to colds.Total known quite a few ways to do this, we have chosen the most pleasant one.
- So, the first method - a drink before going to sleep warm wine.This method of restoring the voice is the most delicious.All you have to do is drink a cup of warm wine with lemon or honey.Doing this is desirable is already in bed.Add lemon and honey to taste.The wine should be hot to the extent that it can drink from a teaspoon.Bring to a boil it is not necessary.Sometimes it is used to heat the water bath.
- Good help and gargling.To do this, you need to prepare a special mixture consisting mainly of alcohol tinctures of calendula and Rotokan.In addition, there can be added to almost any herb, it is desirable that among them
was the eucalyptus.All necessary infusions are publicly available and are sold in specialized pharmacies.Gargle need as often as possible, and if possible, then every half hour.
- Inhalation should be done over a basin or bowl, perhaps in a special inhaler.In this case, fit the same mixture as for rinsing: calendula, Rotokan, eucalyptus, chamomile, mother and stepmother, Viola tricolor.It is better to abandon inhalation, if after that you are planning to go out, because the cold air will negate all the curative effect.
- Another way to quickly restore the voice - a warm throat with warm beer.This is not added to the beer any additives, and its temperature should be the same as in the case of wine.Although this treatment is not very tasty, it allows you to achieve results.
- While problems with throat wear a scarf or sweater as the voice is restored.To once again not to strain your vocal cords to talk at this time should be at a minimum, it is better in a whisper.You also can not breathe the cool, much less cold air.Drink warm drinks is permitted only.
- Perhaps the most effective way to restore the voice - it hover legs in mustard.For this purpose in the bowl water should be added 2-4 tablespoons of mustard in a dry form.Water should not be too hot.Lowering his feet in this water, try to hold them there as long as possible.After the procedure you need to put on socks and go to bed.
Practice shows that if you apply all of the above procedure, the voice would return.You can also choose the most suitable for themselves and to resort only to them.