Nutrition month old baby

By Admin | Health Recipes
24 April 2016
most suitable food for the baby in the first months after birth, the mother's milk is the breast.There is no need to invent something new - nature has already provided everything needs of the child's body.
Breast milk is ideally suited to the peculiarities of the digestive system.In addition, it contains all the necessary nutrients child.

Over time, the baby is growing demand for milk, but the mother's body produces more of this product.This phenomenon makes it possible to feed the baby exclusively breastfed throughout the first month of life.

It often happens that a woman is, for whatever reason, is unable to produce the right amount of breast milk.Usually, it is caused by psychological problems or wrong lactation.Physically unable to develop the milk of women is actually very small.In such cases it is necessary to replace the natural milk artificial mixtures.

known that the process of developing breast milk the mother is influenced
by the hormone prolactin, produced by the brain.Hence the reluctance to breastfeed in some women is an obstacle to the development of milk.

skilled in the claim that the main role breastfeeding plays not only the physical condition of the mother's body as the processes that take place in her mind.It is believed that the best option is the baby feeding breastfeeding.But, despite this, with the right approach it can replace and completely artificial feeding.

Choosing the right mix should not only be well absorbed by the child's body, but also to ensure a constant increase in weight of the baby.In addition, the need to closely monitor the reaction of the child to substitute.It is in any case should not cause skin rashes or problems with a chair.

In that case, if the baby is growing in the natural breast milk, it does not need extra water.The composition of milk is determined by the mother's diet.Among the mandatory consumption of products necessary to note cottage cheese, cheese, meat, butter, vegetables, fruit.All that is necessary to provide the child with calcium and other mineral elements.In the selection of products should take into account the reaction of the baby on those or other components.

Whatever it was, once a month the woman should follow a diet, thus protecting from the diathesis.

On the advice of a pediatrician can also be added to milk or artificial mixture of a little fruit juice to avoid vitamin deficiency.Some doctors do not recommend strongly to do so, believing that all the necessary vitamins are already contained in baby food.The final decision, in any case, should only take baby mama.