How to remove the splinter from your finger?

By Admin | Health Recipes
24 April 2016
Many people at least once in my life encountered such a nuisance, like a splinter.From it you need to get rid of as soon as possible as it can go deep and damage the soft tissues, as well as serve as a source of purulent inflammation.
Sometimes it happens that a very small splinter and pull it appears quite difficult.In such cases it is necessary to wet the usual needle in alcohol, iodine or glow in the fire with a match.Processed so the needle does not allow bacteria to penetrate different organism that can cause a variety of serious diseases.After that, you can safely remove the splinter without risking contamination to make.It is not desirable picks open the resulting wound, as this will only increase the pain.First, determine the exact position of the splinter, and then try to catch it at the right angle.
known as a very interesting way to facilitate the entry of a splinter in a natural way.A strip of peel from fresh bananas should be put on the inside of the wound and secur
e with a bandage or plaster.Then you can go to sleep and in the morning you find that your splinter already on the surface.All you will do is to carefully remove it with tweezers.
Turning to national methods of medicine, among them you can also find interesting recipes.For example, you can lubricate the affected area with tar or pitch.In less than twenty minutes, as the end of a splinter will come out and it will be possible to pull out, taking tweezers.
In that case, if you still managed to pull out the thorn on their own, it is also important that the wound does not fester.Strongly recommended no ointment.The fact that the film which they form can be a source of embarrassment and inflammation purulent drainage.Best lubricate wound with hydrogen peroxide or alcohol solution, and then treated zelenkoj.If the wound does not heal, consult your doctor.