How to quickly get rid of the cough?

By Admin | Health Recipes
24 April 2016
Cough can manifest itself in different ways: some people it spoils the morning, the other does not sleep at night, the third appears after a sip of something cold.On the question of how to treat the cough, the answer is simple - no way.Cough - it's a symptom of a disease, and to deal with it - a thankless and futile exercise.

Cough is a completely natural protective reaction of the body.The reason for its occurrence can be any of the numerous diseases.That's why there can not be a universal cure cough.So try to forget common treatment regimen based on sequential application first of substances that provoke phlegm, and then expectorants.We must learn to recognize the warning signs that the body sends to us in case of complications.

colds cough , tend to be very intrusive and dry.It occurs due to inflammation of the back of the larynx during viral disease.A distinctive feature of this cough is its gain in the supine position.One need only turn to the side to let the cough
significantly.In order to get rid of a cold cough need to gargle, to deal with a runny nose, do inhalation.It is also advisable not to sleep on your back at this period, in order not to provoke a new cough.At this stage of the disease by suppressing the cough medicines should be abandoned.Should take vitamin C, balm asterisk - to reduce rhinitis, herbal medicines with anti-inflammatory and expectorant action, spray (Physiomer, akvamaris) to wash the nose, as well as soluble teas (Coldrex, Theraflu) and honey.

residual cough - so-called cough that continues to bother, despite the fact that the cold is cured long ago.Sometimes it comes in the night, and sometimes - in the morning.This cough is humid enough, but requires considerable effort.Typically, after headaches.Its causes are bacteria that attack weakened from illness mucous.If a cough persists for more than three weeks, it is necessary to see a doctor and get tested to establish the form of microbes cause bronchitis.After that you will be assigned the appropriate antibiotics.Otherwise, you can long and unsuccessfully trying one drug after another, and in that time in the bronchi have formed drug-resistant strain.

smoker's cough - a nightmare for smokers.Bouts of coughing start this morning and forced to cough up all the thick viscous phlegm, resulting per night.We can not ignore the phenomenon, since it may be the first symptom of COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease).Even if you manage to give up smoking, this will not be enough.It is mandatory to visit a doctor, pulmonologist.On the restoration of the bronchial tree sometimes it takes several months.

Allergic cough - very bad dry, "fighting" throat cough.It stops a cough is very rare.At night, usually reinforced by the activation of the vagus nerve, responsible for the appearance of bronchoconstriction.The temperature rise is observed.Allergic cough often accompanies rhinitis or allergic conjunctivitis.In the case of its occurrence have to consult with an allergist and immunologist.It should be tested for sensitivity to different allergens, and based on its results, choose antihistamines.How urgent help with this cough can be used inhalers, which include those substances are bronchodilators.

Remember a few useful rules, following which you can most effectively counter cough of any origin.

1. For any coughing should be taken seriously, we can not ignore it.

2. Do not try to drown out the pills cough, mucus in any case have to leave your airways.

3. In the case of dry cough do not take too much medicine containing codeine.The fact that the substance is a near relative of morphine, so it is dangerous to exceed the duration of the course, said in a statement.

4. If the duration of a cough for more than three weeks should visit a doctor.If the doctor could not help you, go to the next.The cause of the disease must be installed in any case.

5. Short weak cough, lasting for weeks - is an occasion to be examined by a physiatrist.