Increased platelets in the blood of a child

By Admin | Child Development
18 May 2016

platelets - a postkletochnye structures that live in human blood about ten days and circulate throughout the body.They have a flat shape and lack nuclei.Such neoplasms are formed from large bone marrow cells.Their goal is to stimulate regeneration of damaged tissues and the formation of a blood clot to stop the bleeding, then after a while platelets are utilized by cells of the liver and spleen.

Note that platelets can be raised or lowered.To talk about it, you know the rules.For instance, it is believed that the average should contain 250 × 10 in the ninth degree / l, but sometimes permitted and within 180-320, because the platelets can have a different shape, whereby their ratio is important.Thus, there is little to know the number of platelets in human blood, we must also consider and what type of predominant.This makes it possible to calculate, and the disease itself.

be appreciated by the fact that the child's blood should contain 90% of the mature cells and 0.8% of old.All this is very importan

t in order to display an accurate picture and to determine the presence of disease in the baby.

Many doctors recommend at elevated platelet revise their menu, because there are many products in which this problem can be quickly and effectively eliminated.So:

  • person should eat a lot of berries.The greatest benefit brought viburnum berries, cherries, raspberries, rose hips, buckthorn and currants;
  • include in the diet of baby vegetables and fruits;
  • ginger and celery should be eaten every day;
  • eliminate fatty, fried and spicy;
  • try not to give protein and animal food.The only exception is milk;
  • give your child every 30-40 minutes to drink water.It is not necessary to drink a lot of it, quite a few sips.Well, in order, so he would not become boring ordinary water, indulge their child infusions of herbs meadowsweet, nettle, celery, Sophora japonica and ginger, meadowsweet, root peonies and so on. D.

We should not forget that the plateletsIt may be increased because of these diseases:

  1. malignancies.In this case, an increase in old blood platelets.
  2. hemodyscrasia.The number of degenerative forms.
  3. Diseases of the blood.If any blood diseases are increasing the number of forms of stimulation.
  4. In acute bacterial infections and chronic diseases.
  5. due to colds.

also know many cases when the platelet count is increased after the operation, in case of wrong to take the analysis, as well as because of the admission of certain groups of drugs.

And finally, remember, if your child has an increased number of platelets in the blood, it is not necessary to delay the time.You should as soon as possible to seek help from a doctor.He must assign you the necessary examination.At the same time in parallel with the examination necessary to make special preparations, the effect of which is aimed at lowering the platelet counts.