Mucus in the stool in infants

By Admin | Child Development
18 May 2016

ideal chair sucking child, regardless of whether the crumb on natural or artificial feeding should have a creamy texture, a golden color and a sour smell.However, not uncommon when caring mom found in the feces of their crumbs of mucus, which will ideally be, of course, it should not be.Where it appears and how to fight it?Let's deal.

problems in infants with a chair can start almost from birth.And even if the baby do not worry, he eats well and sleeps very well, but his chair seems suspicious, you need to immediately sound the alarm.

Causes of mucus

worth noting that mucus - a fairly common phenomenon observed in the majority of infants.All explained by the fact that the tiny intestines such simple method is protected by alkalis and acids.After contact with mucus in the colon, it mixes with the feces and the output becomes almost invisible.If the mucus in the stool at the baby does not last long and it does not happen often and the amount is insignificant, then the parents should not raise panic.

If every baby's bowel movements accompanied by the release of mucus, blood or odorous discharge, with the crumb does not sleep, regurgitation and crying constantly, then we can not do without the help of a specialist.Such signs indicate a significant failure in a small body.So that means the mucus in the stool an infant?

If crumb fed mother's milk, then, first of all, my mother should be by putting certain tests to check the quality of their milk, sterility.Provoke mucus in the stool, and is capable of lactose deficiency.It happens that the mucus is a manifestation of the child's allergies, but because it is necessary to revise the diet.Chances are that the mom will have to stick to a strict diet and eliminate the consumption of certain products.

Loose stools and mucus in the stool can be the kind of reaction to the introduction of baby foods, such as vegetable puree or juice.In such a situation, you should limit the amount of a portion of the new food and watch the reaction.

also want to be tested for the condition autoflora intestine, because mucus may signify a malfunction of the body.Mucus in the stool baby with blood promises obvious problems with digestion.Such a condition requires urgent medical intervention.Monitor must be not only directly feces, but the general condition of the crumbs of his state of health, appetite, bloating, or the presence of bloating.

mucus in the stool an infant may occur during or bronchitis, or a cold, but also because of taking certain medications, such as "Espumizan."In any case, this symptom in any case should not be ignored, should immediately see a specialist, so early treatment.