The child shakes his head in his sleep

By Admin | Child Development
17 May 2016

One in five children under the age of a year or a little older suddenly begins to shake his head in his sleep, causing the parents nervous.Each child is manifested in different ways: one winding head is very active, someone - no.Is it any parents worry about this, and what can they do?

Why the child shakes his head

most serious cause of winding head during sleep can be caused by lack of vitamin D and metabolic disorders in the child's body.You can talk about the initial stage of rickets if observed in the behavior of the baby are still some symptoms: disturbed sleep, he sweats during sleep and during feeding, it rolled out the hair on his head, he constantly rubs his head and he weakened muscles.

If all these parents are not watching, you often do not worry.Shaking his head, even if it occurs in a dream, the child intuitively can distract yourself from the discomforts of teething or disease processes in the ears.

How to behave parents

course, not to panic, but during the monthly visits to the pe

diatrician to draw his attention to this strange child.If the habit of shaking his head very active, you can visit a doctor before the deadline.Only he can determine how serious the problem, identify the presence of rickets, if present, and make recommendations for treatment.

required examination by a neurologist, who can confirm or rule out the development of pathologies.

In most cases the winding head in children begins after 6 months of life, and closer to three years, they outgrow this habit, and it runs by itself.

During this period, the task of parents is to protect their child from accidental injuries during sleep.It is necessary to examine the baby's crib and eliminate all tabs, which he could get hurt.All fasteners must be securely tightened, and bumpers are covered with a soft cloth.

Mama can calm the baby, especially when he starts to swing strongly in a dream head, took him in his arms and lulled.The kid can dream restless sleep, and just need a pat on the head, that he felt the presence of a number of mothers.

for a child during the first years of life is very full of impressions, which can cause a lot of emotions and act excitingly.Parents can help their child by surrounding their care and showing observation.