Why burn her cheeks and ears?

By Admin | Signs
24 April 2016

Everyone experienced in my life with such a situation, when burned cheeks and ears.Of course, in this case, once you begin to wonder what they are burning.This issue should be viewed from two sides, one of which is based on the medical explanation, and another purely on superstition.

From a medical point of view, this phenomenon is explained by the change in circulation.Doctors say that if vegetovascular phenomena cheeks and ears start to burn.Thus, the hot flushes are a signal the presence of any abnormalities in the human body.Getting colds can also cause the cheeks and ears will burn.

ears and cheeks can burn when a person publicly shamed.Do any of us in realizing his folly, or commit misdemeanors there is a strong adrenaline rush.

If you have started to burn cheeks and ears, but you are sure that your health is all right can refer to national signs that explain these phenomena.

So, ears and cheeks can burn for no apparent reason.In this case, this phenomenon can be explained only by means of si

gns.No wonder they say "If the ears are burning, so talking girlfriends.If the cheeks are burning, so talking druzhochki. "People have long noticed that once about somebody starting to talk acquaintances and neighbors, immediately a man and burning cheeks, and ears.

According to another national sign illuminated cheeks and ears begin when someone says a particular person.Ears can start to burn both together and separately.The first case has already been considered, so let's get to the second.If you start to burn right ear, means of you remember something good.It is believed that if you can guess who that is what makes ear stops flashing.In that case, if the ear is lit from the left side, it is assumed that about you remember bad.

cheeks start to burn mostly young girls.It is assumed that a young lady remembers her favorite people.

To learn about what it is talking or memories of you should take the gold wedding ring and hold it along the cheek, do not forget to pay attention to the color of the rest of the line.The presence of bright band symbolizes good conversations.The dark band is a symbol of the negative talk about your personality.

These signs exist for a long time, and believe in them or not every individual case.