Baking for Diabetics

By Admin | Cooking Recipes
26 May 2016

diabetes - this is a very common disease associated with impaired glucose utilization and metabolic disorders.For the well-being of the person diagnosed "diabetes", are important indicators of the following: diet, counting calories and bread units of food intake, carbohydrate restriction.First of all, it should be limited consumption of baking flour and sweeteners such as sugar and honey.Baking with sweet filling in the form of jam or sweet fruits in general, should be completely ruled out.

However, all these restrictions easily overcome, if a diabetic to do homemade pastries according to certain rules.They are as follows:

  1. for biscuits take only rye flour, meal.
  2. Never put the dough butter, margarine only limited fat.
  3. Avoid putting the eggs into the dough, it is better to use them for filling.
  4. Sugar and honey replace powder stevia - a natural sweetener, which is absolutely harmless unlike synthetic.
  5. For filling, use cereals, tofu, vegetables and unsweetened fruit.
  6. form small a la carte items, s
    o that the bun corresponded to 1 BU.Then the patient can know how many carbohydrates he used at one time and how much it is still possible to eat.

as everyday baking pies can be made from yeast dough.Take a pound of rye flour, two cups of water, a quarter cup of vegetable oil, stevia powder and salt.The components are mixed, add flour and kneaded until the dough elasticity.For the filling use the fried onions vegetables, herbs, boiled eggs, low-fat cottage cheese.Make small patties.Each cake will correspond 1 HE.

Recipe chebureks.

700 grams of rye flour, half a liter of water, a cup of vegetable oil, spices.Traditional fat minced replaced milled roasted mushrooms, sauerkraut, eggs with green onions.Nutritional value of tchebourek - 1-2 XE.

fruit cake recipe.

hundred grams of rye flour, 400 grams of cottage cheese, 2 eggs, 90 grams of fructose or xylitol, ground nuts, a little salt and citric acid.The product was stirred and the resulting dough is spread on a baking sheet.For the filling use pieces of fruit.This cake will match 10 XE.When the pastry is ready, pour it low-fat yogurt.

recipe fruit roll.

125 grams of rye flour, 25 grams of margarine, 100 grams of water, saccharin.Fructose or xylitol - 40 grams, raisins, apples and cinnamon.

Knead the dough from the warm water, flour and margarine.Give him half an hour to infuse warmth.Then the dough is rolled and smeared with soft margarine.Sprinkle with a mixture of raisins, slices of peeled apples, sugar and cinnamon.Fold the roll and shift it to the pan, greased with vegetable oil.Cook in a moderate oven for 40 minutes.