Plums in pregnancy

By Admin | Pregnancy And Childbirth
15 May 2016

During pregnancy, the expectant mother must pay special attention to his diet food.As you know, this is the perfect time to increase the volume of the body needs all kinds of trace elements, vitamins and other nutrients.This is to ensure proper nutrition baby and complete the work of the body of the mother.One useful and essential products during pregnancy is draining.

Need for consumption by a pregnant woman due to the large amount of plums its constituent different nutrients.Among these vitamins A, P, C, B, trace elements pectin, fructose, calcium, iron, phosphorus.

Plum significantly improves the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.In pregnant women, due to the pressure exerted on the intestines of growing uterus, often there are locks.Plum for expectant mothers is a natural remedy for constipation.Simply eat in a day, and some delicious fruit you can forget about this unpleasant issue.

often due to hormonal changes the body expectant mothers have problems with the oral cavity, such as blee

ding gums.Drinking during pregnancy plum is the prevention of tooth decay and strengthens the gums.

Plum is a real treasure trove of potassium - a trace element, is directly involved in the regulation of water-salt balance of the body.Frequent consumption of this fruit will greatly facilitate the work of the kidneys.

Reception plums during pregnancy helps cleanse the body.Being a good antioxidant, drain help protect the mother and the fetus from external factors and harmful free radicals.This product helps to strengthen the immune system and improves the body's resistance, which is especially important for the future mothers, living in ecologically poor areas.

Because the drain is rich in iron, this product - an excellent remedy for anemia - phenomena which so often faced by pregnant women.

In addition, the use of plum beneficial to the skin of the face pregnant, creating the effect of rejuvenation.However, despite all the useful properties of plums, it is not recommended to abuse its consumption.Thus, according to experts, 100-150 g per day of the product is sufficient to extract all of its beneficial properties.