What can be cooked from sour?

By Admin | Cooking Recipes
26 May 2016

Among fermented milk products occupies a special place curdled.It is obtained by fermentation of milk.Everyone is familiar with products such as varenets or fermented baked milk.This is also a type of yogurt, only made with warm milk.Sour milk recipe came to us from Ukraine, and varenets prepared in Siberia.Sour - a dietary product that is well absorbed, even those people who have problems with the stomach or intestines.

The hottest time of the summer is very pleasant to drink a mug of sour yogurt and cool, especially since it is possible to prepare yourself.To do this, take milk and leaven (sour cream, yogurt, bread crumb).The milk is heated to boiling, cooled and added to it and ferment sugar.In a warm place out of the milk will turn sour beautiful.

To quench your thirst, you can prepare this drink: add honey into yogurt and fresh berries (black currants, raspberries, strawberries).This vitamin cocktail cook well in the country, will be ready when the harvest of berries.

During the summer yogurt s

easoned hodgepodge of boiled meat, cucumbers, boiled eggs and potatoes.

Azerbaijan hash.

In a saucepan pour yogurt (2 liters), put on a little fire and heat to boiling.At the same time the contents of the pan constantly stirred.After boiling, add half a cup of boiled rice and a glass of chilled mixture of yogurt, two eggs and two tablespoons of flour.Heat to boiling and add the chopped coriander (2 cups).After boiling, add salt and turn off the gas.This soup is good both hot and cold.This dish is very easy and nutritious, so will appeal to all who want to maintain slim figure and vitality.


Very simple recipe of preparation of sour milk.Whisking the egg with salt and vegetable oil (1 tablespoon).Add 500 grams of yogurt and two cups of flour.Knead until smooth.At the end add soda, quenched in vinegar.Fried pancakes on hot oil.For the sweet tooth in the dough, you can add sugar.Serve pancakes lush tea with jam or sour cream.