Halva in pregnancy

By Admin | Pregnancy And Childbirth
15 May 2016

During pregnancy, the expectant mother, taking care of the health of the future of the crumbs should eat only healthy and varied food.Many women, especially the sweet tooth, often speculate whether helpful or harmful during pregnancy halva and how much you can use this product.

Use halva

course, halva for pregnant women - it's very useful delicacy.It promotes cell renewal, which helps to form a growing organism of the baby.In addition, consumption of halva significantly reduce the risk of anemia, both for the mother and for the baby.The structure of this delicacy consists of vegetable oils rich in folic acid and vitamin E.

Useful properties halva, as well as any other product, directly depend on the composition contained in its ingredients.Consider the main types of halva from the point of view of their use for pregnant women.

Sunflower halva - the most common type of halva.It contains many different vitamins B1, F1 & PP and protects the fetus during pregnancy from free radicals.

Sesame halva.It is enriched with such necessary and useful micronutrients like vitamin complex Groups B, phosphorus, calcium and zinc.

Almond paste.This is the kind of low-calorie halva.Because it is rich in vitamin D, which is essential for the normal formation of bones and teeth, almond halva is often recommended to use in the first trimester of pregnancy.

Peanut halva.It is rich in vitamin PP, B vitamins B2 and linoleic acid.Together, these three components positively affect the function of the nervous system of the woman, which is particularly important during pregnancy.

Standards eating halva

in early pregnancy halva can be used daily, but in an amount not exceeding 30 grams.This limitation is due to increased caloric content of this delicacy.

last month of pregnancy halva is best excluded from the diet because the nuts are strong allergens that can give rise to an unborn baby have more tendency to allergies.


Expectant mother from eating halva is to refuse the presence of allergy to any component, part of the goodies.As the paste has a high fat content, it is not necessary when using existing diseases of the liver or biliary tract digestion loading bodies so heavy goodies.Furthermore, it should not be included in the diet because of its caloric halvah and if a pregnant observed rapid weight gain.