Broccoli in pregnancy

By Admin | Pregnancy And Childbirth
15 May 2016

During pregnancy, a woman should pay attention their nutrition.All kinds of vegetables, berries and fruits rich in vitamins and other nutrients should form the basis of the diet of the future mother.One famous for its beneficial qualities of a product is considered to be broccoli or, as it is called - "the queen of cabbage."But is the use of it will be good for the body of the mother and the unborn baby?Consider everything in order.

Useful properties of broccoli Broccoli

having low calorie, in its structure contains an increased concentration of protein and other essential nutrients during pregnancy - iron, calcium, vitamin A and C. In using this product, the expectant mother can not only appreciate its delicate flavorbut also solve the problem of discomfort and nausea, as well as provide for themselves and the baby a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals.Cellulose, which is so rich in broccoli, promotes excretion of pregnant harmful toxins.

consumption "Queen cabbage" during pregnancy significantl

y reduces the risk of developing baby in the body of various pathologies.For example, studies of Canadian scientists found that those women who often while carrying crumbs ate broccoli, the probability of the birth of a baby with brain damage is minimal.

This product has a beneficial effect on the nervous system of the developing fetus.This is explained by the high content of antioxidants broccoli, contributes to the excellent blood circulation in the placenta and fetal brain ensure necessary nutrients and oxygen.Surprisingly, contained in broccoli antioxidants may even protect the brain of the fetus from micro traumas.

harm broccoli

Despite the useful properties, eating broccoli can cause side effects.Thus, consumption of the product in its raw form is fraught with the chance of pregnancy to catch E. coli.And this in turn is dangerous not only for the mother but also to the fetus, because when weakened immunity (which often occurs during pregnancy) E. coli is capable of infecting the baby is in the womb.

Thus, it is seen that of broccoli - very useful during pregnancy product, but in order not to risk their health and the health of the tiny unborn born man, is to abandon the consumption of this cabbage raw and prepared on its basis differentdishes.