Care white shoes

By Admin | Household Tricks
21 April 2016
Despite the fact that many practical and thrifty people believe otherwise, white shoes - it's beautiful, and always has been.Of course, care for a shoe a little more complicated, but it's still not a reason to abandon it.Today we know quite a lot of money to maintain white shoes in their original form.We consider the most effective ones.

But first a few words about the choice of footwear.Remember that sometimes the thing you like a storefront, would not look so nice on your leg.As with all things bright, white shoes often seems greater than is actually.Given this, should choose white shoes with heels.To prevent a possible "chopped off" appearance of your legs, always try to dress to match the shoes.Finally, in any case, do not wear black tights or trousers with white shoes.

So, how to save white shoes really white?The answer is striking in its banality: it is necessary to try not to spoil it.When your white shoes, you have to constantly be aware of this and take care
of them.As soon as you get home, wipe the dust with a clean dry cloth.

In our case, it is important to properly prepare the shoes in front of her immediate operation.After buying the white boots or shoes, they should be treated with a special means of protection.Typically, such means offer to buy immediately when buying shoes.In such shoes should be separate sponge, cream, cloth, and cleaning brush.

Also care products, the white shoes should also be a separate storage location.Strongly recommended to keep these shoes with dark.The fact that in this case very often remain traces.Returning home and clean my white shoes, put it in special bags for storing shoes.You can also wrap it in tissue paper.Do not use newsprint, as the ink tends to be on light skin.

If you are returning from a walk, saw a spot of dirt on the white shoes, get rid of them will help you a special shampoo for shoes.This tool is good foaming, and so are cleaned.Thus, the skin is white pereuvlazhnyat and retains its color.To clean, use a dry cloth shoes.

Since white skin pretty soft, stiff brush can scratch it.These micro-scratches subsequently serve as a place of accumulation of dust and return to the original appearance of the shoe becomes impossible.So be sure to brush should be soft.

As for folk remedies, it should be noted beaten egg white with the addition of half a glass of milk.