Hake pâté with olives

By Admin | Cooking Recipes
14 April 2016
1 hake fillets, 2 sprigs of dill, olives, pitted 7, 50 ml.heavy cream, pepper, salt to taste. You'll also need film for food.
Method of preparation:
- FilletHake rinse thoroughly under cold water, pat dry on a napkin and cut into small pieces and put in a deep bowl.
- Pour the required amount of fish to the cream, salt and pepper.
- Dill wash, shake off its water and finely chop.Put in a bowl and cream Heck blender and blend until puree mass.
- Lay received a lot of film on the food evenly and put it in a number of olives.
- Close fish weight with the help of the film roll, carefully close the edges and the resulting product is lowered into the water.Cook for 7 minutes after boiling.When a cut into portions.