How to cook pumpkin porridge?

By Admin | Cooking Recipes
13 April 2016
Around the world people eat the pumpkin, making from it salads, soups, mashed potatoes and casseroles.Our country has traditionally become a popular pumpkin porridge.There is a huge variety of recipes for pumpkin oatmeal.You can cook porridge a pumpkin, and can be added to cereal, usually rice or millet, corn and less semolina.Add more to prunes, nuts, honey and dried apricots can give the dish a unique taste.
porridge but the variety is possible not only by the addition of various ingredients, but also by the processing of the pumpkin.For example, you can cut the pumpkin into small cubes or grate and cook.So, in what way to cook pumpkin porridge - a matter of taste.
Here are a few recipes from pumpkin porridge:
1.Tykvu peel and seeds.Then coarsely chop and grate (rather large).Then, 2-3 tablespoons butter and add 100ml warm up.milk.Add grated pumpkin in a saucepan and leave extinguished 20 minutes.Once the pumpkin is tender, add the rice and millet, as well as to taste the honey
, nuts, raisins, dried apricots and a little salt.Stir and cook until done.Then, turn off the stove and cover with a cloth or to hold it in a preheated oven to the present mess.
2.Tykvu peel and seeds, cut into cubes and place in pan.Cover with water for 30 minutes and put on fire.Then chop the pumpkin blender and add milk bring to a boil.Add a few spoonfuls of rice or millet continue cooking 40 minutes.To taste add honey, dried fruit.Add the butter and sugar.As in the previous recipe, give porridge infusions.
3.Berem 500g.pumpkin, 4 cups milk and 1 cup of semolina.Boil the milk, add the semolina and bring to a boil.Peeled and sliced ​​pumpkin pour the sugar and let infusion.Should stand out juice.Then cook on low heat.Once the pumpkin become soft mix with semolina (must be thick).Boil.