How to pickle mushrooms?

By Admin | Cooking Recipes
13 April 2016
Marinated mushrooms not only look appetizing, so that saliva will flow from any gourmet, but really unique taste.Even if you did not aim to collect them, and even more so to marinate, and just walking through the forest, and do not notice how took a basket, do not worry.Marinovka honey agaric is not a complex matter and the following tips will help you in this.
Marinovka honey agaric home.
For marinating mushrooms used only small and medium-sized and larger zasushivat.In the first stage mushrooms soaked in water for two hours, they soak and thereby easier to wash off sand and dirt.They are washed with cold water, then boiled in salted water for 20-30 minutes.Do not wait until they will cook better to be engaged in preparing the marinade.
You will need: one liter of water, one tablespoon of salt, two tablespoons of sugar, a few peas allspice and black pepper, bay leaf, nine tablespoons of vinegar (9% - second).In the absence of the latter apply vinegar essence (70%) - one and
a half tablespoons of essences.
After boiling mushrooms again washed with water.Cooked marinade bring to a boil, and only then throw it mushrooms.Boil should be no more than 20 minutes, after which the mushrooms are placed in sterilized jars and then pour the hot marinade over the top.Then the banks are closed lids, ready seaming stored in a refrigerator or other cool place.
Marinovka honey agaric with garlic.
You will need: one liter of boiled water, two tablespoons of salt and sugar, two garlic cloves, five gvozdichek, one dessert spoon of 70% acetic acid and five peppercorns (fragrant).
Honey mushrooms carefully wash up.It is best to use only honey agaric cap, but not essential.Honey mushrooms are placed on the bottom of the pot with cold water, put on fire and boil until then, until they sink to the bottom.The broth is drained.
poured into a clean pot boiled water, and add all the ingredients except the 70% acetic acid.All this is brought to a boil, pour vinegar and throw mushrooms.Cooking should not be longer than 10 minutes, after which the mushrooms are moved into sterilized jars and lids are closed.Store in a cool place.
Marinovka with balsamic vinegar.
well-washed mushrooms cook 5 minutes.Then water is poured through a colander, then boiled for another 20 minutes, when the water boils it is necessary to add a salt.
marinade prepared as follows: - one liter of water is boiled as soon as the water reaches boiling point in her throwing four teaspoons of salt and two tablespoons of sugar.Boil for three minutes, then remove from heat and allow to cool.After cooling, it is added with 200 ml of vinegar (balsamic).
used by the Bank in the amount of sex and one liter.They are 2/3 filled with mushrooms and pour the marinade on the neck of the jar.Cover with a lid and put in a pot for sterilization.Sterilize needed depending on the amount of banks, half-liter, within fifteen minutes liter - twenty minutes.Then removed from the pan, tightly capped, inverted and the top covered with a blanket.As such, they are left to cool down completely.Store in the refrigerator or a dark cellar.