Treatment of conjunctivitis in children

By Admin | Child Development
14 April 2016
If you suspect that your child has conjunctivitis, you should immediately consult an ophthalmologist to establish a precise diagnosis and treatment.In this case, the child should stay home to avoid the possibility of infecting other children.
In the case of viral or microbial conjunctivitis well to the use of warm compresses.It is also recommended to do rinsing specially prepared brine.It is prepared as follows: - one tablespoon of salt to 1 cup of water, the solution is dropped into the eyes of a pipette.If your child has a viral conjunctivitis, it will be a useful application of interferon (drip into the nose and eyes), Poludan and antiviral ointment (tebrofen, oxoline, florenal, bonafton more expensive viroleks and Zovirax).If you have an allergic konyuktevita used antihistamine drug which is produced in the form of liquid, tablets and eye drops.A good addition in this case would be cool compresses.You should also wipe the corners of the eyes that the child does not appear souring.
acute form of conjunctivitis is treated more frequent instillation of drops (0.25% chloramphenicol, sulfacetamide 30%), as well as the use of an ointment (tetracycline 1% is used).You must first clean the eyes with a disinfectant solution, it can be: brewing tea, chamomile broth, a solution of potassium permanganate (1 grain to 1 cup of boiled water, the color should turn slaborozovy).Drip be not less than 4 times, better fixed doses in one hour, repeated up to three times a day.
Tips for parents on the treatment:
- Keep an eye on the fact that the child's eyes did not get chlorinated water - it can greatly aggravate his condition.
- In the event that you are using to bury a pipette, do not forget once a day to boil it.
- In order to apply a drop of better act should be to persuade the child to suffer for some time, and keep your eyes open, you can slightly delay the lower eyelid and drip into the crack drop.
- Quite often, young children do not like drops, and they are doing their best to avoid this procedure.In this case, go to a small trick - drip drops in the corners of the eyes, when the child opens his eyes, the drops fall where it should.
- In case of difficulty with drops for various reasons, check with your doctor, and he is likely to recommend you to replace the ointment is smeared forever.
Immediately call your doctor if your child has some symptoms are present, it is:
- temperature;
- swelling of the eyelids, redness of them;
- a child's view of the patient;
- no visible improvement occurs after use of ointments and drops;
- there are signs of infection of the middle ear.
doctor will prescribe the appropriate treatment, and after a short time should appear visible improvements.