As pickled onions in vinegar?

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13 April 2016
We all like to get out in their free time on the nature of a barbecue, as if still in the circle of friends, this is the best holiday.But the case could go to the dogs if they themselves poorly prepared kebabs or seasoning to it.On the latter will be discussed, how to properly prepare the seasoning of vinegar and onions.
Here are some recipes:
Marinovka onion and beetroot in vinegar.
For this recipe you will need - pepper, salt, 1 kg of onions, vinegar and 1 medium-sized beets.Onions must be cleaned and processed with boiling water (scald), after which it is cut in the shape of circles and placed in a clean, sterile jar.Then wash beets, neatly cut into equal slices and evenly distributed over the height of the banks.Then you must go to the preparation of the marinade.It is prepared as follows.Wade boiled water and vinegar and mix in equal proportions.It is necessary to strengthen prepared spices - salt and pepper.After that, the bank is filled with cooked marinade and put o
n a night in the fridge.All bow ready, it can be served with meat and fish dishes, and salads.
Marinovka Georgian.
For its preparation should be diluted in equal proportions boiled water and a 9% vinegar.Next, add cloves, sugar, salt, pepper, bay leaf, cinnamon.Before pouring the marinade, onion processed in boiling water for three minutes, and five minutes in cold salted water.The bulbs are pickled whole (small and medium size), if they do not fit into the jar, then cut them in half.
Fast Marinovka bow.
You will need: vegetable oil (one tablespoon), 3% of the ordinary vinegar - 2 cups, sugar and salt 1 teaspoon, bay leaf and cloves.Onions should be cut in the form of circles and put into a sterile jar and then poured cooked marinade.He needs to infuse 1.5 hours and onions ready.
Pickled onions in lemon juice.
This recipe is a good alternative to the use of vinegar, which may come to mind some of the opponents of its use.The bulb is cut in the form of half-rings.From one lemon and squeeze the juice into it added boiled warm water, its temperature should be about 50 degrees.Then throw into the mix the vegetable oil, salt, sugar, pepper and chopped parsley.All this mixture should be well mixed and then poured it chopped onion.Wait 25 minutes, then strain the mixture and onions can be safely eaten.
Marinovka with vegetable oil.
You will need: '50 vegetable oil, 1 kg of onions, 3% vinegar, 250 ml, bay leaf and pepper Goroshkova.In a saucepan pour the vinegar and need oil, and add all the spices and onions.It is necessary to heat the saucepan on the heat until the temperature of 80 degrees, and then as quickly as possible to cool the bow.Store onions prepared by this method in a glass container, but no longer than 6 days.
This seasoning is perfect for any meal and barbecue without it altogether inconceivable.