How to gain weight

By Admin | Health Recipes
24 April 2016
This purpose are given somewhat less than "how to throw weight", but the problem is this does not cease to be relevant.The network is full of various boards, but not all of them have beneficial effects on our bodies.The problem is that you can gain weight and overeating at night, but get in the appendage whole bunch of diseases.Plump should be right!
1. The most healthy and useful way to gain weight - a physical activity, which are combined with proper nutrition.In drawing up the training program should focus on working with weights with a small number of repetitions.That is, we choose the weight dumbbells or barbells so that you can make a maximum of 6-8 reps.The diet should include high-quality protein foods: Meat, poultry and fish.Using artificial protein supplements - each individual case, but the meat of a perfect substitute.
2. A cocktail of tomato juice with sour cream.In a glass pour the tomato juice, put back a large spoon of sour cream, a pinch of black pepper, a pinch of r
ed salt to taste.All this mix thoroughly and drink.Cocktail is simple to use and very tasty.
3. Include in your diet more bananas, but only if there are no problems with high blood sugar.Banana - one of the most nutritious and easily digestible fruit.In addition, it contains a lot of useful nutrients.
4. Easy walk before eating.A short walk easy step outdoors fueling the appetite and as a result you will be able to eat much more.
5. 50 grams of vodka before dinner.If you have a healthy stomach, using aperitif before a meal will increase appetite and improve digestion.Instead, you can use a dry vodka wine or grapefruit juice.