First aid

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23 April 2016
If your eyes a man had a fit of epilepsy, you can pause it, is strong enough by clicking on the little finger of the left hand of the patient.
If your child's ear or nose got any - any foreign object or an insect, you must first stop panicking.Lay it on its side and drip into the ear of vegetable oil.After a while, begin to wash the ear weak water pressure at room temperature, and continue as long as does not seem caught in the ear of the subject.When injected into the ear ear wash insect optional, it will come under the influence of oil.
If your child has fallen and hurt yourself and you notice swelling at the site of injury, immediately take him to the doctor.It can be broken, so the damaged area, try not to bother, and if the damaged limb, it needs to be fixed.
Children are frequent bruises, scratches, cuts.These wounds is required to wash and handle iodine or hydrogen peroxide.
With a sharp heartache should immediately take the rest.In this state, a person can not b
e left alone.Loosen the collar.Take heart medications.Legs should be dipped in hot water and put mustard on his chest.
you do not keep the baby, and he got burned?To cool the burned area under cold running water.No grease burns!Apply a sterile cloth.If the blisters appear - the child should see a doctor.
If a child swallows a large number of tablets they need to do gastric lavage.
Children often get head injuries.Therefore, if a child complains of dizziness, headache, nausea and rvota- it must be put to bed.On his head is placed a cold.Call a doctor, maybe your little concussion.
During cardiac arrest, immediately start artificial respiration and pulse until the arrival of the doctor.
Different types of bleeding include various measures it stops.Capillary bleeding stopped very easily.The skin around the wound smeared with iodine, tape up the wound with a sterile bandage.
Venous bleeding is life-threatening.His stop tourniquet or pressure bandage, which is superimposed over the damaged area.Harness or a bandage may be applied no more than 2 hours!
The biggest danger to life is arterial bleeding.The blood flows from the wound in large chunks with each heart beat.First of all it is necessary to clamp the artery on the portion of the body where there is a wound.Tourniquet.Arteries are in the groin, on the nape, ankle, around the neck.The locations of the arteries is clearly detectable pulse.
Sprains and bruises rather painful, the affected area is applied cold for about an hour.Injured leg or arm provides complete rest.If damaged ankle, you need to apply a cross dressing.Over the next three days to sore spot heat is applied.If you get to the nearest health post for a long time, you can slightly loosen the tourniquet for 10 minutes to prevent tissue death.
internal bleeding to the fault applied cold.The patient provides complete peace and deliver him to the hospital.
Severe cuts or scratches washed with water and potassium permanganate, hydrogen peroxide.The wound was treated with iodine and put a sterile dressing, deep cuts can not be poured iodine.Plasters applied for no longer than a day.
dislocation is accompanied by severe pain as a result of displacement of the bone.It only reduce a medical staff!First aid for dislocation is the following: the injured limb is necessary to fix the affected create a complete rest.On the injured limb to put ice.From severe pain possible complaints of pain, so the patient must be given an anesthetic.
At the turn do the following: create a stillness to the place of fracture is applied cold, impose medical bus.The patient was brought to the hospital.With an open fracture is necessary to stop the bleeding, apply a sterile bandage to fix the damaged area affected to establish peace.To avoid a painful shock, give a painkiller.
spinal injury is life-threatening.Therefore, you need to assist with extreme caution.The patient is laid on his back on a hard surface and create stillness brought to the hospital.
If the ribs are broken, the victim should be put in a comfortable position.The patient can not be bothered.When transporting the chest better tight bandage.An unconscious person must be transported, put him on his stomach.The head is required to turn on its side.
There are rules of first aid in the water, who need to know the whole family.Everyone knows what can happen when bathing cramps.Exclude the possibility of their occurrence can be done easily warm up before you go into the water.The sharp contraction of the muscles occur suddenly and not only on the water.So nice to be in possession of a pin.Pinprick in place, cramped help.It can be much pressure on the affected area, if the hand was not a pin.When saving a drowning man to swim to it should be from the back, or from a strong fear he instinctively grabbing everything can hurt you.If the victim is unconscious, he needs artificial respiration.To keep water out of the lungs more easily, a man should lay down his head on the knee and pat on the back.Once revived drowning, it should be taken to hospital.As a result of suffering a stress his heart may stop.And if he was a long time under water, possible pulmonary edema.
Heat or sunstroke can be mild to severe.Severe accompanied by a sharp rise in temperature, deteriorating.Possible loss of consciousness, stop breathing, vomiting and nosebleeds.The first thing to do when sunstroke - it put a man in the shadows.The head should be slightly above the body.To a man choked vomiting, you have to turn your head to one side.At the head of the victim lay cold.